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"Global trends relevant in the newest era!" How do they affect the global economy and technology? How are they changing the modern world?

Many industries and technologies have shown explosive growth and development recently, here are some of them: electric cars, renewable energy sources, ESG agenda, the green transition, the pharmaceutical industry, the development of biotechnology, robotics, electronic commerce (E-commerce), the development of financial technologies (fintech), smartphones and ecosystems related to them (digital banking, marketplaces, public services - in fact, the entire smartphone application industry appeared after 2010), artificial intelligence, digitalization of the surrounding space (DIGITAL), virtual and augmented reality, Internet of things, social networks, 5G technology, cloud technologies, e-books, digital media etc.

E-commerce – is one of the trends of the last decade, which significantly changes the structure of trade, having a strong impact on related industries. Over the 10 years from 2012 to 2022, e-commerce in the world has grown almost 6 times from 875 billion.$up to 5.2 trillion.$, and the share in global retail increased from 5.5% to 21%. Since 2019, the turnover has grown by 65%, since 2017, an increase of 2.4 times and a doubling of the share in global retail. An additional impetus to E-commerce was given during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, when retail trade was forcibly restricted, primarily for non-food products. In other words, impressive progress has been made in the development of e-commerce.

By country: in the USA, as the world's largest economy, the trend of E-commerce expansion is comparable to the global one. If in 2010, an average of 40 billion. $ of production was sold through electronic platforms per quarter in the States, the total volume of sales in 2022 amounted to 1.09 trillion.$, and the share increased from 4% to 14%. However, the degree of integration of E-commerce in the U.S is less than in the whole world (14-15% vs. 21%);

In Kazakhstan, the volume of the retail e-commerce market increased from 327 billion tenge in 2019 to 1,349 billion tenge in 2022, an increase of over 400%. The penetration of e-retail commerce in total retail trade in 2022 reached 8.2%, and the share of sales from marketplaces from retail e-commerce in Kazakhstan for the specified period amounted to 89%*; 

Such a rapid development of E-Commerce in the world and in our country ( ), is due to a variety of factors and technologies mentioned above (the concept of the world through the smartphone screen). Global trends are changing before our eyes, and we must understand that tomorrow the smartphone will be the main meeting place for the seller and the buyer. The new stars in the world of trade will be high-quality electronic merchants who sell goods on such platforms as Alibaba, Kaspi, Trendyol, Wildberries, Ozon, Amazon, etc.!

* - Analysis of the retail e-commerce market in Kazakhstan (PwC Kazakhstan, April 2023)

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