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"Global trends relevant in the newest era!" How do they affect the global economy and technology? How are they changing the modern world?

5G technology is the future that has already come! This is a technology that brings a bright future one step closer to us! 5G is the latest (fifth) generation of mobile cellular communication technologies of the telecommunications standard 5G/IMT—2020, which is designed to significantly increase the speed of the Internet, increase coverage and reduce the transmission time of a data packet in wireless networks. 5G technology will soon replace the existing 3G and 4G (LTE) networks. 5G contains all the latest and most advanced developments of mankind in terms of communications and IT. This is the limit of the currently existing microelectronics and radio data transmission technologies.

The new generation of 5G mobile communication has a number of significant advantages compared to 4G:

- Higher data transfer rate;

- Low signal delay;

- The ability to connect more devices;

- High energy efficiency;

- Significantly increased throughput;

- High user mobility.

     Another important difference of 5G which deserves attention - large-scale virtualization. The new technology goes beyond just hardware solutions. Many of its functions are implemented not at the level of physical infrastructure, but programmatically. Every 10 years, a new data transmission format appears on the market of mobile and IT technologies, and whoever can be the first to develop and implement this technology, and most importantly patent the production of chips will dominate this market for the next 10 years! The total capacity of the IT technology market according to experts is approaching 4.5 trillion US dollars. In fact, the trade war that broke out between the United States and China in 2018 is a war to control the introduction of 5G technology.

     As for the introduction of technology in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the vanguard in this regard at the moment is Turkestan city which is fully covered with a new generation of communication from the mobile operator Kcell JSC. The Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry reports that it is now planning to launch 5G in Kazakhstan by the end of 2022. Astana, Almaty, Shymkent are the first in line, and by 2023-2025 the new communication standard will work in regional centers.

Historical background: The father of polar codes, and, accordingly, of all 5G technology, is Turkish Professor Dr. Erdal Arikan from Bilkent University (Ankara, Turkey). In 2008, Professor E. Arikan was the first to propose the concept of polar codes, which became a compilation of computational simplicity and a good noise protection of data at high transmission rates. The rest was a matter of technology - Huawei technology...

What is important: The above-mentioned introduction of a new communication standard also results in competition between such giants as Qualcomm Inc., Verizon, AT&T, Ericsson, Samsung and of course Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Each and any of these companies are and will be beneficiaries of the introduction of 5G technology*! It is clear that the current situation on the stock markets of the world including the strongest drop in the communications services sector, does not allow us to talk about the increased interest in the Central Bank of these companies. But what is obvious here is that 5G technology is being rapidly implemented all over the planet; there is an active distribution of the frequency range, patents are being registered, and most importantly, billions of cellular and mobile Internet users are ready and waiting for it. The future is coming irreversibly and global trends are radically changing our lives!

* - Is not an investment recommendation, remember the risks! Don't forget the most important thing: Diversification first of all!

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