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Ready-made AI services in the Amazon Web Services cloud and their application in solving practical ML tasks

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become key technologies transforming various industries and providing opportunities for automation, optimization and improvement of business processes. However, for most organizations, creating and maintaining their own ML models can be a complex and resource-intensive task.

In such cases, cloud AI services become indispensable tools to accelerate the development and deployment of ML solutions. Amazon Web Services architect at Noventiq, Daria Matveeva talks about a wide range of ready-made AI services that can be used to solve practical ML tasks.

At the last meeting, we talked about some AWS services, how they work and the scenarios used, as well as got acquainted with the capabilities of the Amazon SageMaker service and talked about how to start using this platform for machine learning tasks.

In this article and at the upcoming two-day intensive, we will get acquainted with ready-made AI services and learn how to apply them in practice in solving ML problems.

Machine learning is no longer magic from the category of geek fantasies, but an increasingly popular class of solutions for modern business. More than 70% of large companies report effective optimization of business processes, a significant increase in profits and a reduction in the share of costs due to the use of ML. The implementation process has become more accelerated, which allows organizations to quickly adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

1. Analysis of the tone of reviews

In retail, using the Amazon Comprehend service, you can analyze customer reviews and their tone (positive, neutral and negative), which allows you to quickly respond to feedback and improve the quality of service.

2. Text recognition on images

Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Textract services make it possible to extract text from images and photos, as well as use it for further processing or analysis.

3. Creating chatbots

Creating chatbots capable of interacting with users in natural language can be a daunting task. Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly help to create chatbots that can answer questions and provide information in the right form.

4. Translation of content into other languages

If an application or website is designed for the global market, Amazon Translate automatically translates content into different languages, simplifying the localization process.

5. Face recognition

The Amazon Rekognition service can be used to recognize faces in photos or videos. This tool can be useful in providing security and creating a personalized experience for users. For example, many smartphone apps use facial recognition to unlock devices or sort photos by faces.

6. Creation of recommendation systems

Amazon SageMaker provides powerful tools for developing and training machine learning models, including recommendation systems. SageMaker can be used to analyze user data and provide them with personalized recommendations, such as movies, products or music.

7. Automatic processing and classification of documents

Amazon Textract makes it possible to extract information from various documents, including passports, invoices, contracts, etc. The service can be useful for automatic processing and classification of documents in large volumes.

8. Creating voice applications

Amazon Polly allows you to create voice applications and services that can read text to the user. For the development of voice assistants, audiobooks and podcasts, Amazon Polly will become an indispensable assistant.

Ready-made AI services in the AWS cloud provide huge potential for organizations that want to implement machine learning and artificial intelligence in their projects and applications. They simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of ML solutions, allowing organizations to use the power of AI to solve practical problems in various industries.

The speed and ease of implementing AI functions into applications and holistic business processes is a key advantage of the service. Amazon provides each user with managed AI solutions, the quality and accuracy of which are guaranteed by the platform itself .

During the two-day intensive, AWS Noventiq architects will review the main AI services, talk about the principles and features of their work and integration. The second day of the event will be entirely devoted to practical work with AI services from Amazon Web Services. Participants will gain practical skills of working with AI services on the example of real tasks. Together with a team of experts, students will build a chatbot for the bank (using the Amazon Lex service), and then explore the possibilities of Amazon Rekognition and its application for the proctoring system.

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