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IBA Group told the banks of Kazakhstan about the introduction of intelligent RPA platforms

A resident of the IBA Group technopark took part in the international online conference "Banking RPA Day-2023", which brought together more than 50 representatives of the banking sector from Kazakhstan, as well as Tajikistan, Moldova and Ukraine. 

IBA Group experts spoke about the introduction of robotics into banking processes and the use of artificial intelligence methods to build intelligent software robots. 

The robotization of business processes for the banking sector has one of the priority values. This is a global and European trend that finds a lively response from the banks of Kazakhstan. 

"Robotization of business processes is a trend trend in recent years. Therefore, the interest of banks in this topic is justified. There are many areas in the financial sector where you can safely entrust some tasks to RPA systems. This allows you to save on operational processes, while increasing productivity and the quality of services provided," commented Sergey Baybara, speaker from IBA Group. 

In any department of the bank, some of the work processes can be classified as routine. Today it is customary to transfer them to software robots for execution. RPA compares favorably with classic IT projects, allowing you to deploy the solution on the bank's already built infrastructure with minimal effort and in a short time. Recently, the demand for intelligent process automation (IPA) has increased, as it significantly expands the possibilities for using robots.

Now banks can implement digital robots with artificial intelligence without paying for the platform and licenses using the EasyRPA solution. Many banks today have to purchase licenses annually and spend tens of thousands of dollars on it. Therefore, switching to a free platform is an opportunity for the banking sector to save a significant amount of budget every year.

At the same time, banks receive not only the platform, but also all the necessary technical documentation for creating and supporting robots: instructions from the developer, user, administrator, as well as training courses.

The EasyRPA platform also has additional features — these are built-in modules for classifying documents and extracting information from them based on artificial intelligence methods, which significantly expand the possibilities for automating work with documents.

Earlier, IBA Group spoke about the digitalization of metallurgy at the largest industry summit in Kazakhstan. The event brought together key players in the metallurgical and mining industries from Kazakhstan and neighboring countries on one platform.

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