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Gaming industry in Kazakhstan

The gaming industry in Kazakhstan is undergoing formation, and in recent years it has become more noticeable and developing. Here are some key aspects of the gaming industry (GameDev) in Kazakhstan:

  1. Companies and studios: There are several game studios and companies engaged in game development in Kazakhstan. Some of them specialize in mobile games, others in PC and console games. These include studios such as Doonforce, Kukuri Mobile Entertainment and AIGRIND.
  2. Education: Educational programs related to game development are beginning to appear in Kazakhstan. For example, in Astana (Nur-Sultan) there is Astana IT University offering a program for game development.
  3. Gaming events: Kazakhstan hosts gaming events and festivals, such as KazGames Expo. These events contribute to the growth of the gaming community and provide an opportunity for local developers to show their projects.
  4. Mobile games: Mobile games are popular in Kazakhstan. This segment of the industry is one of the most accessible for small studios and independent developers.
  5. Infrastructure and support: Authorities and regional organizations in Kazakhstan are beginning to show interest in supporting the gaming industry. This may include funding, scholarships for students and other programs.
  6. International cooperation: Some Kazakh studios cooperate with international publishers and game developers to create games for a global audience.
  7. Development of niche segments: In Kazakhstan, niches are beginning to develop, such as the development of AR/VR games and educational games.

It should be noted that although the gaming industry in Kazakhstan is still developing, it provides opportunities for young and talented developers. It is important to follow the changes in the industry and strive for quality products to stand out in the gaming market.

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