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AI is changing the design: the trend of 2024

  The year 2023 was a turning point for AI image generation. Dall-E 2, Midjourney and other models have demonstrated incredible potential by creating photorealistic images based on a text description.  

1. The explosive growth of AI graphics:

  • AI tools will become more accessible, which will lead to the mass use of AI graphics
  • Designers will use AI to speed up work, generate ideas and create unique images.
  • There will be new professions related to AI design

2. AI as an assistant designer:

  • AI will not replace designers, but it will become their powerful assistant
  • The AI will perform routine tasks, freeing up time for creativity
  • Designers will be able to focus on strategic objectives and user experience

3. New directions in design:

  • AI will allow you to create images that cannot be implemented manually (or it is too resource-intensive)
  • There will be new styles and trends in design based on the capabilities of AI
  • Designers will master new methods of working with AI tools

4. Ethical issues:

  • AI image generation raises a number of ethical issues such as authorship, the use of other people's images, and misinformation
  • Designers will need to navigate these issues and use AI Responsibly

5. The future belongs to AI design:

  • AI image generation is not just a trend, it is the future of design
  • AI will play an increasingly important role in creating visual content
  • Designers who want to be in demand need to master AI tools right now

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