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❣️Personalized grants for training, BigData Team + IT friends

status: 5 out of 10 grants are available

The grant covers ~50% of the cost of training courses for development in the field of Data Science (DS) or Data Engineering (DE):

[1] Python for analyzing [large] data (the set is closed)

[2] Industrial development course in Python (start: 16.10.23, 22.01.24)

[3] Practical course on Big Data (start: 03/25.24)

[4] Practical course on Machine Learning (start: 03/25.24)

To apply for a grant, you must:

1. Pass the test (link to the test);

2. Attach a resume.

🫶 Nominal grants (we will update):

- In memory of Mikhail Abramovich Roitberg (1 grant)

- Alexey Dral (1 grant 2 grants)

- Victor Kantor (2 grants)

- Emeli Dral (1 grant)

- HIDDEN (4 grants)

Personal grants are a personal story. When passing the test, do not forget to write your learning goals, write motivation, attach a resume (just don't be like Leo Tolstoy).

When taking the test, indicate which 2-3 month course you want to go to study and why we should support you (see the question "...tell me about yourself...")

Alexey Dral,

Founder of BigData Team

#work #study #life

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Какая отличная инициатива от BigData Team и их ит-друзей! Поддержка обучения в области Data Science и Data Engineering - это не только выгода для индивида, но и вложение в развитие общества, обогащение профессионального сообщества.