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❤️‍🔥 Personalized grants for training from BigData Team

Difficult... It's hard to stay away when you communicate with people who launch cool social initiatives:

- SMTB, Tech Orda, Yessenov Foundation, AMC and many others...

For me, it once became a ticket to life. They decided to support me and I was able to get to the training camp for Olympiad mathematics. Then, thanks to the support programs, I was able to come to study at the SUNC (read RFMSH in Kazakhstan). At Moscow State University, personal grants sometimes helped not to do part-time work, but to devote time to study.

As a token of gratitude, I worked a lot with students at universities as an IT practitioner. And eventually education became my profession.

Now I want to provide support that will serve as a springboard for someone to reach new horizons. In this regard, I am allocating two grants of 600,000 tenge for training under the Big Data / Machine Learning Engineer program (track BDE):

In memory of M.A. Roitberg, my mentor and teacher.

The second one is from me personally.

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