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Interactive sandbox for cyber threat analysis ANY.RUN — new member of Astana Hub

In the era of rapid digitalization, malware is becoming one of the critical risks that can cause serious damage to business and government agencies. Attackers are continuously developing new methods of attacks, which requires organizations to use advanced tools and technologies in the field of protection against cyber threats. One of such solutions is the ANY.RUN service, which recently became a resident of the Astana Hub technopark.

What is ANY.RUN?

ANY.RUN is a cloud sandbox that allows interactive analysis of malicious software, as well as detecting malicious objects using various sets of rules and signatures. Our service provides users with the following analysis capabilities:

·       Operating System Registry Activity;

·       Network traffic;

·       Memory Images;

·       Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) used by attackers;

·       Zero-day vulnerabilities;

·       Processes in the operating system;

·       File system.

Advantages of ANY.RUN

ANY.RUN has a number of advantages over other fully or partially automatic systems, providing:

·       Interactivity: Users can interact with files or websites, open various pre-installed programs and reboot the system;

·       Speed: ANY.RUN virtual machine runs at a high speed, and the results appear in real time during analysis;

·       Flexibility: ANY.RUN allows you to change various virtual machine parameters, including locale (country, language, currency) and operating system, as well as download your own VPN.

Our participation in the Astana Hub Technopark

Residence in Astana Hub is a unique opportunity for ANY.RUN to contribute to the development of the technological ecosystem of Kazakhstan and the entire CIS region. As a participant of the technopark, our priority tasks will be the development, modification and implementation of a software package for identification and subsequent analysis cyber threat.

An important goal for us is to expand the network of contacts and establish cooperation with other Astana Hub residents to work on common projects.

We are confident that our service will help organizations in Kazakhstan and abroad to better counter threats in the field of cybersecurity.