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Research. How to cope with current challenges in working with DLP

Choosing and installing data loss prevention tools is not an easy task. Therefore, BAKOTECH conducted a study where it asked users and those who only choose DLP technology what obstacles they most often encounter and what prevents them from building effective data protection.

About the study

Companies from Ukraine, Central Asia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Georgia took part in the survey. The list of questions included various aspects, such as compliance with regulatory requirements, the level of awareness of employees in the field of data protection, their understanding of the need for DLP solutions and obstacles to their implementation.

Among the participants were representatives of different sectors: banking, industry, IT, etc. (see Figure 1). The analysis of all the responses made it possible to identify the main challenges related to data protection. And BAKOTECH experts have added their tips on solving the most common problems, based on the DLP solution of the vendor Fortra.

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