From a petroleum engineer to an iOS developer

My remarkable transition from a petroleum engineer to the world of iOS development turned out to be a rich and thrilling adventure. After five years of working in a private company specializing in equipment manufacturing for oil and gas wells, I felt the need for a change and decided to make a radical turn in my career.

The first step was my acquaintance with the Java language (backend), motivated by conversations with friends who were already successfully working in this field. However, the magic of mobile development had a powerful impact on me, especially after acquiring the MacBook Air with M1. Installing IntelliJ IDEA, Docker, and other programs, I immersed myself in the fascinating world of Java, but soon realized that my true passion lay in iOS development using Swift.

The seven-month journey in learning Swift passed imperceptibly, and this language became an integral part of my daily life. My choice in favor of iOS mobile development was inspired not only by fascination but also by admiration for how Apple products are integrated and interact with each other.

My ascent to the maki-maki project began in 2023. At this stage, I had already successfully mastered Swift thanks to courses from Angela Yu and Swiftbook. The desire to create my own projects beyond the scope of educational materials led me to the decision to deepen my experience in teamwork. Participation in an internship at the Start Mobile school with an experienced mentor, Islam, which took place from May to July 2023, gave me valuable experience in working with the Scrum methodology, including planning, grooming, sprints, and retrospectives.

Before finding a job at the Moscow-based company FlexWave, I sent about 50 resumes through HH, and only 3 of them caught the attention of employers. However, I found the job through networking. Therefore, I want to emphasize that networking and participation in the IT community are indispensable ingredients for success in the world of technology. Meetings, conferences, and communication with colleagues are not only ways to acquire information but also sources of inspiration, motivation, and support on the path to professional goals.

Since December 2023, I have taken on the challenge of promoting IT in the region and became the regional manager of the Astana hub in Turkestan. My experience testifies that perseverance, courage and networking can open doors to unexpected but exciting prospects. I take pride in my professional journey and am ready to share my lessons with those who aspire to a career change in IT.