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Epigraph Publishing House became a member of Astana Hub

Good afternoon, to all participants of Astana Hub!

We are pleased to announce an important news in the life of our publishing house Epigraph LLP – we have become a member of Astana Hub! 

Epigraph Publishing House is about convenience, accessibility and innovation in the field of education.

We are engaged in the development and implementation of online educational resources:

The online portal “Electronic Library" contains more than 7000 best textbooks for universities and colleges in Kazakh, Russian and English from authors from all over Kazakhstan. Textbooks are available online from phones, tablets, and computers. The portal is equipped with a simple, convenient and fast search system, a student's office and a librarian's office with detailed reporting, a user-friendly interface for full-text study of textbook materials and much more.

The online portal “Multimedia online Courses" contains more than 250 online courses, each of which includes:

- a course of video lectures;

- a set of interactive animations;

- interactive text materials;

- system of testing and control sections;

- tasks with options individually created by the portal for each student.

The portal provides the teacher with the opportunity to evaluate the progress of their students online and generate a report for the entire group and for each student.

We are proud to be a part of the largest international technology park of IT startups in Central Asia! The opportunities provided by Astana Hub will help significantly accelerate the introduction of new technologies in the field of education.

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