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How to automate a Buggy ride. Development of an IoT solution for a Golf club.

Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort is an excellent resort on the coast of Portugal, offering an unsurpassed combination of luxury and beauty. The 5-star hotel offers guests a SPA, conference rooms for meetings, comfortable rooms for relaxation. The 18-hole golf course stretches from the Obidush Lagoon to the vast expanses of the Atlantic Ocean, providing an indescribable experience for golfers.About the Moses Buggy project – a hardware and software complex that provides the player with an additional client service and control functions for movement on the territory of the golf club.

As part of the project, we have developed a web interface for tracking the location of electric cars (Buggy Car), as well as a mobile application that allows you to control and block movement, as well as providing additional functionality for players.

For the convenience of players, a ruler function has been added to the application to calculate the angle and force of impact, a Pace-of-Play self-monitoring system that allows you to monitor the time of the game, a restaurant showcase in the Club House for ordering drinks and snacks with delivery to the player on the field.

  • Implement a real-time location and status telemetry system for Buggy with movement history storage.
  • Integrate with the customer's hardware modules to block movement when approaching the forbidden zone.
  • Implement a remote ordering system in a restaurant through an application.
  • Expand the map for easy navigation, viewing the playing fields with a system displaying the location of the electric car for employees.
  • Develop a "ruler" function that allows you to calculate the distance from the player's location to the hole.
  • Create a system to control the pace of the game.

Golf is an exact game, the players' time on the course is limited, each hole has its own time. Players must complete the passage of the hole before the next participant appears. For the convenience of club members, we have developed additional functionality.

  • When boarding the car during the first turn-on, a presentation video is shown to all participants.
  • Clear navigation on the map allows new participants to easily find the way to the next game hole.
  • The built-in buggy movement control system with an accuracy of 1 m does not allow you to enter restricted areas, which makes it possible to maintain the quality of the lawn covering in places where it is impossible to move on a buggy, as well as to avoid overturning and situations when the buggy gets bogged down in the ground, sand, etc.
  • The timer on the screen shows how much time the player has left to complete the hole (Pace of Play). The creation of a time tracking system has reduced the burden on the marshal controlling the players on the field, now there is no need to remind the participants that they need to speed up. The system does it!
  • For the convenience of the game, we have built a ruler into the application. Using a ruler, you can calculate the distance to the hole. The solution allows players to make more accurate shots and pass the entire playing field faster. This tool is in demand among experienced golfers who know and control their hitting power.
  • The built-in functionality in the application allows you to create more comfortable conditions for recreation, allowing you to order drinks and snacks. The system takes into account the location of the buggy at the moment and directs the employee to the point where the Buggy is located. The participant can continue the game and not worry that the ordered drink will not be delivered, even if he leaves the game hole and moves to a new one. The developed system of orders and service allows players not to break away from the game to visit the restaurant, reduces the likelihood of a queue at the hole due to the interruption of the game, speeds up the process of passing holes and increases the loyalty of club members.
  • PHP 8
  • React.js
  • Symfony 6
  • PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • Docker
  • Flutter

By the way, there are automated and lawn mowers. 

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