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How, thanks to astanahub, we made a startup U-turn

The recar team congratulates astanahub on its fifth anniversary and we are sure that this is just the beginning!

Back in 2021, after buying a car, I often suffered when it broke down. I always had to look for a car service, communicate with them in their language, leave the car and go to karcity by taxi. You walk there for half a day and look for spare parts, after which you go back to the car service. As a result, the day was steadily spent fiddling with the car. Then, after watching enough movies about startups, I was looking for a sphere where I could launch a pet project and thought I had found it! Here it is - auto repair. I will collect a catalog of car services, call it maiser (from mai ntenance ser vice) and go ahead. But the lack of any experience at all made itself felt and the project both started and faded for a whole year.

It's 2022, I'm still steaming and I see a lot of people steaming when their cars break down. There will always be cars, and they will always break down. I remember maiser, I call my friends and invite them to do the project after all. This time I turn to astanahub (we managed to broaden my horizons for a whole year) and apply to Techpreneurs with a new name 2fix. Assign a tracker, read books in parallel, watch videos. Thanks to the tracker, we saw what was out of our sight - all the mistakes that we have made and plan to make. The tracker recommended the book Lean Startup, which was bought on the same day and started to be read. Also, his advice is to go out into the field and start looking for a target audience, whose pain we should extract by asking indirect questions. Where did we go? That's right, for some reason we went to car services and began interviewing people who are already regular customers of these services themselves. We went to self-service car washes - we realized that people who wash cars themselves often either repair the car themselves, or have good friends-craftsmen.

You are not looking there at all, think about where your client can sit? He's sitting at home!© Amir Aktay

Sad, we returned to the tracker. Tracker: "You are not looking there, think about where your client can sit? He's sitting at home." After a short search, we interviewed online / offline, a lot of conversations and surveys led us to the fact that no one just needs a catalog of car services, anyway people will have to go and communicate, go to the market and waste time and nerves.

And we realized - we need to make a service that will take over all the fuss with the car. The client just needs to leave a request, give the keys and rest - we will do everything for him: we will pick up the car, select the best service station, order spare parts, monitor the repair process and report to the client directly in his personal account. After the repair, we accept the work and return the car to where the client says. Isn't that cool?

This is what we ourselves wanted very much as consumers, each of us has a car and we don't get too high doing its repair.So, with the help of the tracker's instructions, we are now a recar, which has already launched MVP with FFF funds and has its first sales. It's hard, a lot of work, but a picture emerges when you can forget such a problem as "damn, my car is broken, you need to allocate a day for this hemorrhoid." We are confident in our abilities, we are sure that any flame starts with a spark and we are ready to work for our people, raising their quality of life :)

Thank you, astanahub!

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Интересный сервис, жалко пешком хожу пока)


Спасибо! Может как раз к моменту когда купите машину, вспомните про нас :)


Daulet Myrzan, в лице Astana Hub благодарим за поздравительный пост! Ваша история - это пример для всех, кто хочет пройти и дойти до цели становления успешного стартапа! Благодарим за откровенный отзыв о наших программах! Astana Hub будет также расширять и внедрять новые направления и программы для роста всего IT-community!


Супер, удачи вам!


Нужный сервис👍 Поддерживаем, удачи проекту!