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How I changed my profession

Hi! My name is Kamila. I want to share my experience with 2 Day Academy. In the summer of 2023, while working in logistics, I realized that I was striving to develop in the field of information technology (IT). After seeing that the Astana Hub provides grants for training in various fields, I decided to try to change my profession. I chose this school because they offered work with data storage, which is extremely important for business development in the context of automation and technology development. Thanks to my studies at this school, I mastered the basics of working with databases, studied SQL and worked with the Informatica Power Center program. This helped me quickly find a job in the IT field, namely to become a master data specialist. The skills that I acquired at this school, I actively apply in my work. I am very grateful to the 2 Day Academy school for this experience and for giving me the opportunity to change my field of activity.

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