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How to integrate a payment system into your product?

With the development of online business and the popularity of e-commerce, the integration of payment systems is becoming increasingly important for the successful operational activities of the company.

In this article, we will look at what payment systems are and how to integrate them into your product.

A payment system is a service that allows you to make money transfers and make non—cash payments in various ways: by bank cards, electronic wallets or mobile applications.

During payment processing, all data is encrypted and protected using special payment system protocols. This is done to ensure the security of the purchase, so that the seller and buyers can be sure of the safety of their data. This allows you to perform various transactions such as authorization, sale, refund and cancellation.

For the buyer, the payment process usually boils down to filling out a form, but behind this simple action is the work of several institutions and services that process payments in just a few seconds. This allows you to save time and make payment more convenient for all participants.

Types of payments

After we have figured out the concept of a payment system, let's look at the types of payments, their advantages and disadvantages.

Payment Gateway

It is a special service that connects the buyer, seller and the bank, processing payment data and confirming the transaction. It offers a wide range of payment methods and provides fast and secure transfer of transaction information.


  • High level of security and payment protection provided by data encryption.
  • A large number of functions and the ability to customize the payment system for specific needs.
  • Support for a wide range of payment methods and currencies.
  • A single interface that allows you to make payments through several banks.


  • It is a long process of registration, since the conclusion of a separate contract is required to activate each payment method.
  • The integration of the payment system is most often carried out through the API, which requires the help of developers and can be a complex process.

They are platforms that combine multiple payment systems and payment methods in one place, offering ease of use and flexibility.


  • The minimum number of documents for creating an account and fast processing of the application.
  • No need to conclude long-term contracts.
  • Low commission with low volumes of payments.
  • Easy integration with ready-made modules for various content management systems (CMS).


  • Payment delay, since the payment primarily passes through the aggregator.
  • A relatively low level of security and the possibility of freezing the payment if fraud is suspected.
  • An increase in the commission with an increase in the volume of payments.

It includes companies that have a license to provide financial services and keep their funds in special segregated accounts. Such as: Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

To implement this service into the product, the following steps need to be carried out: the conclusion of an agreement with the operator, as well as the integration process with the selected service and the bank.


  • Using the usual wallet without switching.
  • High level of protection.
  • Ease of use.


  • A lengthy verification process.

It is a service for accepting payments using bank cards or Internet banking. The most commonly used cards are Visa and Mastercard.

The process involves the participation of several parties: the acquiring bank (the seller's bank), the issuing bank (the buyer's bank), the card or account holder, the payment system and the service provider.


  • High quality security.


  • A long verification process.
  • A large commission.
  • Absence of
  • Self-integration.

When choosing a PS, several key factors should be taken into account, such as:


Make sure that the selected payment system supports the required functionality, such as recurring payments, subscriptions, or multi-currency transactions.

Types of payments:

Check which payment methods are supported by the payment system and choose the ones that are most convenient and popular among your users.

Technical requirements:

Find out that the payment system is compatible with your technical infrastructure and technology stack, and the availability of a convenient API and documentation for integration.

Now let's look at the stages of integration of the payment system:

  • Step 1: Registration and Access

Create an account in the selected payment system. Fill in all the necessary data and get access to the payment management interface. You may need documents and information about your business to verify and activate your account.

  • Step 2: Setting up Payment Parameters

Define payment parameters according to the requirements of your business. Set prices, currencies, taxes and other parameters necessary for the correct display and processing of payments in your product. To save your time, you can order a technical support service from our team.

  • Step 3: Integration of the payment system API

Check out the documentation and integration guides provided by the payment provider. Integrate the payment system API into the product. This may include using ready-made payment forms, plugins, or creating your own integration via the API.

  • Step 4: Testing and Debugging

After the integration of the payment system, conduct testing to make sure that everything works correctly. Test various payment scenarios, including successful transactions and error situations. Debug and fix any issues or inconsistencies.

  • Step 5: Start-up and Maintenance

After successful completion of testing, launch the integrated payment system on your website or application. If necessary, provide information about payments and transaction processing to your customers. Regularly update and maintain the payment system, monitor security and apply the necessary measures to protect data.

The integration of the payment system is an important step for a business accepting online payments. The right choice and competent integration of the payment system will ensure convenience and security for customers. Take into account the peculiarities of different types of payments and choose the most suitable ones.

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