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How artificial intelligence will change the IT industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already actively used in the IT sphere and its role will only increase in the coming years. Consider the main areas where AI will have the greatest impact:

AI will automate many routine tasks of developers - code generation, testing, debugging, etc. This will save programmers time and improve the quality of development. There are already tools like GitHub Copilot that generate code based on developer comments.

AI will be used to detect malware and hacker attacks. Machine learning-based systems will be able to quickly recognize new cyber threats and prevent them.

AI will allow you to create truly personalized software that adapts to a specific user. For example, "smart" recommendation systems are already actively used in online services for the selection of content, products, etc.

Thus, the introduction of AI will radically change the IT industry. Although it will not be possible to replace developers yet, AI will significantly increase their productivity and quality of work.

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