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How to conduct an in-depth interview in UX/UI design?

In–depth interview is a qualitative type of research that helps to understand the needs, expectations, difficulties and concerns of the users of the product or the target audience. A deep interview is a personal conversation. You ask questions to your potential user in order to better understand the feelings, past experiences, way of thinking, beliefs, motivation of the interviewees.

The purpose of an in–depth interview is to get answers, insights that could not have been obtained in any other way. Research will help to avoid creating a product that no one needs. In-depth interviews can be conducted at different stages:

  • to create a new product;
  • to understand how customers use the product and how they interact with it;
  • to understand what they are guided by when choosing a product or service;
  • to determine the audience's expectations from working with the product and the brand as a whole.

How to conduct an in-depth interview?

1. Determine the purpose of the study

First you need to understand why and why you are conducting an interview and what you want to know

2. Formulate the questionsThere is no universal list of questions. They should fit the purpose and help to get to the bottom of it.

3. Determine who you will interview

If you want to improve a product or launch a service for a certain segment of the audience, you need to communicate with people from this segment. If the product already exists, you can contact existing customers or search for potential users in groups in social networks.

4. Hold meetings

  • Before the meeting, do a little icebreaking. Ask informal questions to dilute the atmosphere.
  • Tell us about the purpose of the interview. It is important to say that you are not testing a person, but you want to learn more about his experience.
  • Ask additional questions. Do not limit yourself to the questions that you have prepared if the person has given new introductions.
  • Record the meeting on audio so that you can later validate the results.

5. Do an in-depth interview analysis

After the interview, the answers will need to be structured.

Everset academy students of the course "UX/UI designer" within the framework of the Tech Orda program learn to conduct in-depth interviews with potential users of their project. The answers received help them to make their applications popular and user-friendly. 

After completing the course, Everset academy students have a ready-made project in which all design processes have been worked out and this helps them not only in finding employment, but also being in the workplace, since they have previously had experience in working out the project from the very beginning to the transfer of the layout to development. 

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