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How can a psychologist help reduce staff turnover?

All company owners know that it is always cheaper to keep an employee than to look for a new one. The costs of searching, hiring, training, waiting until an employee becomes productive – make up a large expense item of any business.

The reason for the tension is hidden primarily in the employee himself, in his character, in his ability to cope with stress. And it becomes obvious that at another job, he may face the same strain. That is, it is not the job that needs to be changed, but your ways of coping with stress, your coping strategies.Find out how working with a psychologist will help you work effectively with personnel.

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Мне кажется это больше должен уметь HR. Сейчас очень сильно вырос рынок. И перметивно проблему должен заметить руководитель, а после уже решить на своем уровне. А далее если все достаточно сложно, то HR должен тушить пожар