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How to become a Middle developer?

Any junior developer is not going to stay in the Junior position for a long time. The goal is to get to a comfortable developer level. As it is correct, it is middle/senior and even higher.

What is the difference between Middle and Junior?

The main difference is experience. The middle developer is able to solve quite complex tasks on his own. He can make decisions and make choices within his competence, knows at least one programming language, development environment and Git at an excellent level. Such a specialist skillfully uses frameworks, libraries and testing tools.

Another important difference is the area of responsibility. The middle developer is fully responsible for the integrity and quality of his work. He may be responsible for the development and implementation of individual modules or functionality of the project.

As for juniors, developers of this level usually have little work experience or are just starting their career in the field of development. As a rule, they are engaged in performing simpler tasks under the guidance of more experienced developers. Again, everything, of course, depends on the tasks and projects that Junior undertakes.

How to develop to the level of a Middle developer?

Let's give you some tips.

Improve the code

Pump up the knowledge that more experienced developers give you. When they check your code, analyze why they recommend doing it this way and not the other way. I learned more - I became cooler, improve the code.

Develop a common outlook in IT

Strive for constant self-education and study - read books, articles. Read also the discussions on the forums, because it happens that you learn more from the comments than from the post itself. 

It is also useful to communicate with various IT specialists - developers, testers and designers.

Work in a promising company

For stable growth, you cannot do without a team of experienced developers. Take part in various projects to gain experience and show your skills. Get a job in a company that develops a large project, and does not create the same type of sites. In a large company, you will understand how everything works. Even if you don't want to stay at the company, you can create your own project there, promote it among developers and find like-minded people for its development.

Get a certificate

There are certifications for developers.  For example, there are certifications from Oracle for Java, and certification for Python developers is available on the Microsoft website. Employers rarely look at a certificate, but getting a certification will help you understand your level in development, you will identify your weaknesses and be able to fix them.

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