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How to pitch your startup to a corporation? three tips from Change&IT Director of Beeline Kazakhstan

Alexey Sharavar gives three simple but important tips for those who want to work with large corporations and not only.

In a startup-corporation tandem, there is always a benefit for both parties: whether it is money, a large base and experience of large companies for the startup and problem solving for the corporation. At the same time, we can talk about different formats of cooperation: from partnerships to takeovers. For example, in the past Beeline Kazakhstan worked with the startup Verigram. Thanks to this collaboration, the company got a biometrics solution, which is used in all its products: now subscribers can pass verification in the "My Beeline" application and get a SIM card without leaving home.

The telecom-operator is developing its own ecosystem, which already includes mobile neobank, music application, video streaming, and "My Beeline" application has a section with games, payments, news and so on. At the same time the company is always in search of new and interesting solutions.

Alexey Sharavar - Change&IT director of Beeline Kazakhstan, told about what you should consider when you want to start your idea or startup.

speak confidently and boldly

It is very important that a person who goes to a pitching event really burns with an idea and is switched on, rather than quietly and dejectedly talking about the project: you want to feed such startups, not do business with them.

come to pitching ready

It would seem much more obvious, but there were times when guys came to pitch a project without a ready presentation. After the meeting, I asked them to send the presentation to me by e-mail, and in the end I received it two weeks later. And by that time, to be honest, I had already forgotten about the pitch. So you should prepare the presentation in advance and send an email with introductory information, presentation and demo immediately or the next morning.

learn to pitch anywhere

Whether it's an elevator, a canteen or a car. This is very important, especially now that people are mostly working remotely. When I was working at a startup, my most stressful pitching experience happened in a Warsaw strip club, where after some summit I was pitching a project to the VP of Marketing of a corporation that included PornHub. We were a marketplace at the time, and they had a venture capital fund and invested in internet startups. If you haven't had something similar, then you're not trying hard enough.

Speaking about what topics are of interest to a particular telecom operator, the answer is simple: "A company can be interested in everything you spend 1440 minutes or 24 hours a day on; everything we watch, listen to, eat, do. Given that we have the Internet and big data, I think it would make a great story," says Alexey.

Source: Beeline Kazakhstan press website

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