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Which business processes need to be automated by E-commerce

We have been helping businesses automate business processes for more than 10 years. Based on customer requests, we identified basic automation points that will allow businesses to earn more, improve business processes and increase the level of service.


Timely processing and dispatch of orders depends on the work of the warehouse. Therefore, it is important to automate the following processes:

  • Accounting of balances, formation of order sheets, statistics of shipments, returns and sales.
  • Organization of cellular or address storage of orders.

Additionally, you can automate order packaging and inventory using machine vision and mandrels.

For a business that sells a constant range of goods, it is important to automate the procurement process. This will eliminate the stage of understanding the need to replenish the inventory from the work of employees.

Automation paths:

  • For the manufacturer: to develop a software product that will automatically track the remains of finished products in the warehouse, as well as the remains of raw materials necessary for the operation of production.
  • Automation of the supplier management process is relevant when it is necessary to regularly monitor balances and prices. Standardization of unloading prices into the system and developed analytics inside the dealer's personal account will help in this, which will show favorable price offers, highlight the availability and other criteria affecting decision-making.
  • Sales analytics. It is important to integrate it with warehouse accounting. This will allow you to predict a decrease in inventory balances, evaluate the popularity of the goods produced or purchased, etc.

The marketing and E-commerce department often grows due to entering new platforms and capturing new markets. To stop this growth, it is important to automate the following processes:

  • Directory management. Automation of work with content will reduce the cost of hiring content managers to fill and support all marketing channels. You can do this by implementing a PIM system.
  • Communication with CRM customers. By implementing a service for processing customer messages from a single window, you can speed up the employee's response to an appeal, increase loyalty, and with them profit.
  • Orders and shipment. It is important to link the inventory balances with the site in order to see up-to-date information on availability at the time of ordering. If you have more than one warehouse, showing the presence of balances only for this warehouse will be a profitable solution. Manufacturing and wholesale companies need a catalog to place orders taking into account inventory and in the right quantity. Automation of the described processes will free up managers' time to find new partners. To solve this problem, and not only it, will allow the b2b portal.

The introduction of a unified analytics system will reduce the time for generating reports and make decisions on advertising campaigns faster. In-depth analytics on all processes will allow you to make informed and quick decisions on any issue.

The company's revenue depends on the efficiency of the sales department. Therefore, it is important to automate the following processes:

  • Website integration with the CRM system. Uploading orders to CRM will speed up order processing and save managers from duplication of information.
  • Automation of the transfer of orders. After confirming the order, the sales manager needs to transfer the order information to the accounting program. Automation of this process will eliminate double work and the possibility of error.

The described tools are the starting point for an E-commerce project on the path of digitalization of business processes. The implementation of each of them will reduce costs, reduce the burden on employees and management, increase the effectiveness of marketing and budget control, and most importantly — increase customer loyalty.

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