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What are the prospects after studying at DataBoom under the Tech Orda program?

In this post, we talk about our graduate of the first stream, Karina Mukhamedzyanova, who showed excellent results after training, received certification from Microsoft and is now actively developing in the field of Data analytics. Karina is 42 years old, an economic manager and computer science teacher by education, who always wanted to develop in this field, but did not have enough time and resources. In September 2022, she won a grant from Tech Orda, a free program that offers training in the most popular and relevant skills in IT and analytics, as well as the opportunity to obtain international certificates (depending on the school).

🔊Karine 's question: How was the learning process organized at Tech Orda and what did you like most about it?

- The learning process at Tech Orda was very intense and interesting. I went through all the stages, starting from the mini-course, ending with the development of the project. I successfully completed the courses in May 2023. It should be noted that during the training I really liked the structure of the course, its content and content. And the most important thing is the quality of teaching. Ekaterina Rechert, the teacher of the course, explained complex topics so masterfully, somewhere with humor, which made it easy to assimilate and understand difficult educational material. In each course, I passed the exam and received international certification from Microsoft for Power BI (PL-300), SQL (DP-900) and Excel (MO-200). This was very important to me, as it confirmed my level of knowledge and improved my portfolio.

For six months, Karina studied Power BI, SQL and Excel with the best teachers and experts in this field, worked on personal projects and passed exams. As a result, I received 3 international certificates from Microsoft confirming my expertise, a top certificate from DataBoom and a certificate from Tesh Orda.

But that was just the beginning. After the training, new opportunities opened up, Karina received an offer to work as a mentor on the Excel course at DataBoom, then in September she became a senior mentor, and in January she took the exam from Microsoft Excel Expert (MO-201), was promoted and became a product coordinator.

With this example, we want to point out once again that everything is in your hands and everything is possible if you have the desire, purpose and support! Thanks to Tech Orda, you get not only knowledge and skills, but also opportunities. You can find a job in IT and analytics, increase your income, realize your career ambitions and change your life for the better!

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