What kind of support can a startup at the MVP stage receive at Astana Hub?

MVP - Minimum Viable Product - a product that has minimal but sufficient features to satisfy the first customers. The main task - getting feedback from customers to form hypotheses for further product development.

Astana Hub provides two programs for the promotion of startups - incubation and acceleration. Let us dwell on the acceleration program. 

 The acceleration program is a 3-month course aimed at the further growth of the startup. During this time, the following people work with the startup:


Tracker managers, who make plans for your startup project and monitor their fulfillment on a weekly basis;

Experts from absolutely different industries, who provide knowledge - in team education, customer development, etc.

Acceleration program helps the project team to understand in which direction they need to go further and gives certain tools and help measures, facilitating the startup's development path.

The Astana Hub opens up great opportunities to scale up not only in Kazakhstan but also far beyond, i.e. it allows the startup to enter the international market.

In addition Astana Hub offers startups for the duration of the programs:

- access to modern co-working spaces with everything they need to work efficiently;

- free high-speed internet;

- comfortable offices in the Expo Business Center;

- access to corporations focused on corporate innovation that are on the lookout for technology solutions;

Acceleration programs for startups always end with a special event called Demo Day. On it startup projects can present their products to a wide audience and also get acquainted with various investors, thus attracting investments to their project.

Clear examples of startups that have received support from Astana Hub at the MVP stage are such projects as STOgram, Kompra.kz and many others.

Since 2018, the International Technopark of IT startups Astana Hub has already held nine streams of acceleration, thanks to which a large number of startup projects at various stages have found their clients not only among the people of Kazakhstan, but also people from other countries.

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