Mobile promotion of the AVON brand

AVON, a company working in the field of cosmetics, celebrated two important anniversaries: 135 years of existence in the world market and 20 years of work in Kazakhstan. In honor of these significant events AVON brand launched an advertising campaign.

To effectively promote its brand and products, AVON team used mobile programmatic advertising on BYYD platform.

Let's take a closer look at the promotion process.


  • Increasing brand awareness and recognition;
  • attracting users to the landing page.


  • Rich Media;
  • socio-demographic targeting;
  • relevant interests and app categories.

Geo: Almaty, Astana, Aktobe.

To achieve the goals of the mobile campaign, we applied an approach that included two main elements: targeting and optimization.

In terms of targeting, specific interests were chosen that best matched the product. These interests included anything related to shopping, fashion, cosmetics and accessories.

Socio-demographic parameters were also identified, limiting the audience to women between the ages of 25 and 55.

Campaign optimization was based on BYYD platform statistics. Platforms with low CTR were excluded from the placement list.

As a result, thanks to a combination of effective targeting and optimization, we managed to ensure effective interaction of the brand with potential customers. At the same time, the CTR amounted to 2.10%.

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Продвижение бренда AVON с использованием мобильной программатической рекламы на платформе BYYD является эффективным способом достижения аудитории и увеличения осведомленности о продукции компании.