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Cyber forecast for 2024: Trellix experts told how the landscape and threat trends will change

The cybersecurity sphere is being shaken by new geopolitical and economic events. They bring about changes in the threat landscape and trends in the behavior of intruders. For businesses and consumers, the situation is becoming increasingly complex and uncertain. In addition to new ways of applying old tactics and approaches, threat actors are evolving, inventing modern threats.

To navigate this complex world of cyber threats, we need their effective and global analysis. Moreover, it is necessary to monitor and investigate threats that appear on a large scale and at a rapid pace.

These are, first of all, ransomware programs that use social engineering methods to force users to compromise their own confidential information and devices. It becomes more difficult for victims of such attacks to distinguish reality from sophisticated fiction, since the developers of malicious software do not stop improving such attacks.

In addition, entire states use cyber attacks to satisfy their ambitions, whether political, economic or territorial. Through such attacks, they carry out espionage, throw in disinformation, as is observed in Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel and other regions.

"Modern cyberspace is a more complex environment than ever before. Cybercriminals, ranging from users of ransomware programs to states in general, show an increased level of intelligence, speed and coordination, changing their tactics according to new schemes. It is predicted that this trend will continue in 2024," said John Fokker, head of threat intelligence at the Trellix Center for Advanced Research. "In order to prevent the increase in the number of threats and ensure superiority over criminals, it is necessary to introduce cyber strategies in all industries. It should be understandable, able to adapt to new threats and encourage constant vigilance. This is how we will be able to secure a competitive advantage in cyberspace next year."

The Trellix Advanced Research Center team — cybersecurity specialists and threat researchers — shared their forecasts for 2024. Read the article about the trends and tactics of threats to get a better idea of the cyber defense system that your organization will need in the near future.

Threats based on AI technologies

·       The appearance of malicious LLMs 

·       A New Wave of Script Kiddies

· AI-generated voice in social engineering

Changing trends in the behavior of threat actors 

·       Supply Chain Attacks against Managed File Transfer Solutions

·       Malicious software becomes a polyglot

· Complex schemes using ransomware 

· Election security should begin with the protection of all subjects of the electoral process 

New threats and methods of attacks 

· Exposing a quiet surge of insider threats  

· The trend of malicious use of QR codes  

·       An invisible threat to peripherals  

· Python in Excel creates a potentially new vector for attacks 

· LOL drivers are starting to play an increasingly important role

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