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Kokshetau Digital Hackathon 1.0 - 90 teams competed for the prize fund of 2 million tenge

June 5-6 in Kokshetau hosted the event "Kokshetau Digital Hackathon 1.0"

The main organizers of the event:  Regional Technopark "Aqmola Hub", GKP at the Bolashak Sarayy PCV, co-organizers of the event: SMM agency "Influence Promotion", KSU "Smart Aqmola", The "IT Korinis" project.

The participants of the hackathon had to complete the task in 24 hours. In the "Video" category, it was necessary to shoot the best video for the "Wyndham Garden Burabay" advertisement, 35 teams participated. In the category "Design" - to offer the best version of the logo "Burabai Resort" (Visit Aqmola), 34 teams participated. In the "IT" category - web site development according to the Technical Specifications of the Somnium company, 21 teams participated. The total number of hackathon participants is 90 teams, 138 people. In each category, the winners received 300 thousand tenge for the first place, 150 thousand tenge for the second place, 75 thousand tenge for the third place.

Timur Ryabov, an eleventh-grader from Burabay, won the logo design.

– I didn't even expect that there would be such a cool atmosphere and just wonderful people here. I was given a day to complete the task, and I used this time to the maximum, I didn't even sleep for 24 hours," the winner noted. By the way, Timur plans to link his future with design in the IT field, he has already received an invitation to two educational institutions in the United States.

Vitaly Rumyantsev, a participant in the Video Advertising nomination, started making videos eight years ago. Now his audience in TikTok alone exceeds 120 thousand subscribers, and the videos are gaining millions of views.

– When I started making videos, many friends reacted negatively to it. I didn't study anywhere, I acted by trial and error. But after a couple of years, many friends started shooting and editing videos, and I stopped being a black sheep. The difference is that when they first started, I already had the experience. I decided to participate in the competition to support the novice video maker Medet Sharip, who also became a model in the frame. As a result, our commercial took the second place," Vitaly shared. Maxim Nikitin became the winner in the nomination.

The jury members spent the longest time checking the completion of website development tasks – more than three hours. They noted the good level of the contestants, and Miras Kural won the nomination.

– In all events, we work for results, we never do something for show, and in Kokshetau Digital Hackathon, customers received a ready-made product that they can use in their work, – said Dian Aybashpanov, Regional Manager of Astana Hub.

In addition to the main event, there were also a large number of additional activities in the form of: VR attraction, 360 Camera, Laser Strike, Sega Tournament, AI zone, Alley of startups and IT schools, Job Fair, Robots, Printed Key chains A 3D printer, a planetarium. All activities for the guests of the hackathon were free of charge.

At the final part of the Kokshetau Digital Hackathon, a raffle was held , where a large number of prizes were raffled off, and the main prize for the audience was a Certificate for 3 nights at the Wyndham Hotel Garden Burabay" for 2 adults and 2 children.

Congratulations to the winners:

In the "Video" category

1st place - Nikitin Maksim

2nd place – Vitaly Rumyantsev

3rd place – Diana Negmetova

In the "Design" category

1st place – Ryabov Timur

2nd place – Alieva Anastasia

3rd place - Serik Abilkayyr

In the "IT" category

1st place – Kural Miras

2nd place - Dzhaulibayev Darkhan

3rd place - Lysenko Vladimir

The Jury in the "IT" nomination:

1) CEO of MyMind startup – Yusup Tumgoev

2) Head of KSU "Smart Aqmola" - Gulim Begalina

3)            The founder of the IT Korinis project is Adlet Sembi

4) The regional representative of the IT company "Somnium" is Shandat Ualikhan

The composition of the Jury in the nomination "Design":

1) Head of the Tourism Department of Akmola region – Andrey Podgursky

2) Head of the Tourist Information Center "Visit Aqmola" - Daniyar Dairov

3) Graphic designer, Art Director and Brand designer – Anar Bakenova

4) Head of the online advertising studio "Tour Promotion" - Yana Chernyshova

The Jury in the nomination "Video":

1)            Senior Manager of the Regional Development Office of the International Technopark of IT Startups "Astana Hub" - Munira Tauekelova

2)            Founder of the full–service marketing agency "Share It" - Arman Kaymalov

3)            Gulnaz Negmedzhanova, Head of Sales and Marketing Department at Wyndham Garden Burabay

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