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Kolesa Group entered the top 2 companies for IT work in Kazakhstan

CompanyPeople Consulting conducted a survey among representatives of the IT community of Kazakhstan to assess the attractiveness of employers. The sample turned out to be wide: from the banking sector to telecom, from Kazakhstani representatives to international ones.

503 specialists participated in the survey – these are developers, product managers, designers, IT architects, team leaders and top managers. 60% of the respondents have a grade of middle or senior, 27% occupy positions of team leaders or C-level.

The Kolesa Group took the second place in the top companies to work in Kazakhstan IT. 55% of respondents said they want to work here. 

This is what the top ten and anti-top companies for IT work in Kazakhstan look like:

Top 5 factors influencing the choice of an employer:

1. The salary level is 81%.2. Team and atmosphere – 54%.3. Professional development – 52%.4. Interesting tasks and projects – 50%.5. The ability to work remotely is 34%.

Rating of top and anti-top companies:

According to the organizers of the study, salary remains an entrance ticket when attracting employees. But the real value lies in how the company strengthens its team, builds a culture and maintains its reputation in the market.

Investments in advertising and brand can be useless if they do not correspond to the real atmosphere within the company, since the modern information environment reveals inconsistencies between the stated values and reality.

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