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Kolesa JunDay 2024: Kazakhstani students choose IT professions

On April 27, Almaty hosted the largest IT event for students in Kazakhstan - Kolesa JunDay 2024. The event gathered more than 800 people. Most of the guests are students of IT specialties from Kazakhstani universities and novice specialists.

According to a study from the Kolesa Group, university students are interested not only in job fairs. Conferences are among the top 3 events that are most often attended by Kazakhstani students. Through conferences, they get acquainted with market trends and get involved in IT culture.

At Kolesa JunDay’24, they shared up-to-date information on trending IT areas: backend, product design, HR in IT, QA, development, product management, UX research and DevOps. 

Students also participated in various activities and won prizes.

The organizers wanted to help the participants:

- learn firsthand about popular areas in IT; - understand how to evaluate your skills and where to start a career path.

We talked to the audience of the event. The students shared their impressions.

"I came to JunDay for new knowledge and networking. Vyacheslav Legostin's report was very memorable. I especially liked the part of his speech about how he found his first job thanks to the pet project." 

- Nurdan Shamuratov, 1st year student of SDU.

"I came to JunDay because I'm interested in product design. Since I'm just getting into this field, I'm interested to find out what soft and hard skills you need to have to become a good product designer. I want to know how the design for mobile applications is created, how hypotheses are tested to improve the user path, how the team works. There are many people here who give answers to these questions."

- Alicia Kopova, graduate of AlmaU

Kolesa Junday is aimed not only at students, but also at novice specialists, as well as those who would like to change their profession and move into IT.

"I'm a lawyer now, but I want to move into IT, I'm learning iOS development. This is the second time I have visited Kolesa JunDay. I like this event primarily because here you can communicate with practitioners who are happy to share their experience."

- Dinara Ospanova, lawyer

"I am a backender, I came to JunDay to gain new knowledge. I liked the report about the full development cycle of the new feature. I learned a lot about quality assurance: how testing takes place, what are the stages."

- Marcel Ibragimov, backend developer

The event manager of the Kolesa Group, Arailym Kozhanova, was the main organizer of Kolesa JunDay 2024.

"Kolesa JunDay is becoming an annual tradition for students and aspiring professionals. Today, our event brought together about 800 students from IT universities in Kazakhstan. And this is on a day off! This year we have added reports on promising related areas in IT: HR in IT, UX research and DevOps. So that people understand that the choice of professions in IT is great, and everyone can find themselves in something. Speakers from the Kolesa Group talked about their professions and shared real cases from their experience with the students. The students were very involved! They took the maximum from each speaker: they asked questions and communicated on the sidelines," said Arailym Kozhanova.

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Не буду изменять традициям "в наше время этого не было" как же вам "повезло" ... в целом рад таким мероприятиям)


Не буду изменять традициям "в наше время этого не было" как же вам "повезло" ... в целом рад таким мероприятиям)