"Networking" - very interesting, but unclear. Let's figure it out together!

Hi all!

My name is Aidana. This is my first post on the astanahub.com platform🎉. Recently, I joined the Astana Hub team as a Product Manager. Now our main goal is to develop the platform in such a way that the key needs of our users (read yours) are covered. Therefore, we started our journey with Customer Development (from now on referred to as СustDev) research. Perhaps some of you have already heard, and some of you even managed to take part and pick up your merch from Astana Hub🚀. If someone is unfamiliar with this term, then, in short, CustDev is a study of user needs through in-depth interviews. If any of you wish to contribute to the development of the platform, I will leave a registration link at the end of this post:)

Today we continue CustDev while analyzing collected data for the last month, determining the User Persona, building CJM (Customer Journey Map) and creating many tasks in the backlog. Although it takes a lot of time to analyze the data, there are already a couple of obvious and frequent comments that the team and I are just planning to start with. For example, thanks to CustDev, we determined that most users do not understand the name of the "Community" section. By launching an additional questionnaire in chats, we collected a couple of great insights. Including a list of alternative section titles.

And here are the top 3 offers we received

🟢    "Networking";

🟢 "Community";

🟢 Leave "Community" (the list is indicated by decreasing the number of answers).

Based on the answers of the majority of survey participants, we changed the name of the section from "Community" to "Networking". Of course, the basis for this name was its main value - it is the opportunity to create and develop networks of useful acquaintances for solving professional issues. To be honest, during CustDev, I was glad to hear that thanks to the "Networking" (aka "Community") section, our users found partners and/or interns for their projects.


Do you think this title is suitable for this section or will we consider new options? And in overall what do you think about it?) I invite everyone to discuss under the post in the comments. By the way, you can put likes and dislikes if someone's comments responded!)


And yes, the promised link for registration on CustDev. I will be waiting for your registration! 

Thanks to all!

With hope for the power of "Networking"😊

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эх, а я думал только я один предложил такое крутое название для раздела(


Наоборот классно! Еще раз спасибо, что участвовали в опросе!)


Супер пост, удачной работы нам!!!