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▶️ BDMLE course, Tech Orda grants, 2023-2024

▶️ BDMLE course, Tech Orda grants, 2023-2024

Big Data / Machine Learning Engineer

The whole video about school and courses - 16 minutes

If you are interested only about grants - see after the 10th minute

This year there will be 11 grants, the selection has already begun.

This week Astana Hub will launch a platform for the selection of applications. We were shown a demo looks like 🔥. Due to the testing and launch of the platform, the timing will move a little. As soon as all the details are known, we will make a separate announcement.

0:00 Start

0:38 About the founder

2:05 About the school

5:05 Training programs

10:17 Additional answers to questions

10:26 School concept

10:47 Team

11:49 Form of education

12:00 Target audience

12:17 Student selection process

12:50 Course content

13:03 Scaling plans

13:19 Teaching methods

13:36 Modernity of learning technologies and their application

13:43 Performance assessment system

Detailed information on the course on the website


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