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Frontend course at Jusan Sigularity under the Tech Orda 2023 program

The Frontend Development course at the Jusan Singularity IT School provides all the necessary knowledge and skills to study and develop the visual part of web applications that the user interacts with. Within the framework of the Tech Orda program, more than 230 applications were received for this area alone, of which we selected and trained 15 people. 

From October to May, our students studied the key aspects of frontend development necessary for a confident start to a career path as a Junior Developer:

  • HTML and CSS: The basics of creating web pages, styling and layout.
  • JavaScript: Basic and advanced JavaScript concepts, including working with DOM and events.
  • Frameworks and Libraries: Learning React.js and Svelte for the development of scalable and dynamic web applications.
  • Adaptive Design: Principles for creating adaptive interfaces that work on various devices.
  • API and server interaction: Getting data from the backend of the application and working with the RESTful API.
  • Performance Optimization: Improve the performance of web applications to provide a better user experience.
  • Development Tools: Using modern tools such as GraphQL, Vite and Git to manage and build projects.

At the end of the course, in addition to theoretical knowledge and certificates, our students have several projects in their portfolio that were created throughout the course as practical individual and team work, experience working with developers from other fields and developed Soft Skills🔥

Our students share their successes and impressions of the course with great enthusiasm: 

"When choosing an IT school for the TechOrda program, one of the key criteria for me was the experience of a mentor in the field of Frontend development. As part of the grant distribution, a two-week Web Start course was held, where I really liked the mentor's teaching method and format. There were many projects in the learning process, which helped me to assimilate the material and replenish my portfolio. There were also many group projects, which contributed to the development of not only hard skills, but also our soft skills. The mentor is always in touch and helped with any questions that arise. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain knowledge and practical skills in the field of Frontend development."

- Gulfiya Oserbayeva, a Frontend student.

"An interesting, informative course on Frontend. The materials are well structured, and the teacher Talgat explained everything in an accessible language. And if you have any questions, I always promptly helped and explained. It was a very productive training, thanks to which I easily found a job and am now working as a Middle developer at Halyk Bank."

- Kazybek Spataev, Frontend student

Especially for those who would also like to study Frontend with Jusan Singularity, we have launched a new stream within the framework of the Almaty IT Camp program with study grants! 🚀

The training includes access to pre-recorded materials and Q&A sessions once a week.

And at the end of the course, your portfolio will be complemented by several practical works and a certificate of completion.​​🧑‍💻

Read more on our website, go ahead and leave a request!🔥

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