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🔥 Industrial development course in Python, hot spots and reviews

It's hard to believe, but it's a fact:

- as many as 13 seats are available for the next set (October 16)

- for a set of January-March 2023 - only 2!

If you want to get pumped on the course that Alexey Dral prepared on the basis of many years of experience in Yandex and Amazon AWS, then we recommend that you hurry up.

The course consists of three parts:

1️⃣ best practices for writing and testing console applications;

2. automation of work with the Web and testing of complex dependencies;

3️⃣ Best practices for writing and maintaining Web applications.

The listener of the second launch of 2023, Evgeny K (Kokshetau, Kazakhstan) shared his feedback on Part 1:

Thanks! Everything was clearly shown and explained. Understanding Python grew exponentially during homework, especially the last one in this block. And the task itself turned out to be not a dry academic example, but after a little refinement for itself, quite a practical and useful tool.

and parts 3:

I liked everything! Subjectively, I pumped myself quite well in Python, in my opinion) I think interesting tasks helped a lot in this. At the beginning of the course, the Python code was like a Chinese letter, and I did the last tasks with an understanding of what, for what, when and where to write. There is a lot to grow, but I also got a lot from training. Thanks for the course! In general, the approach is interesting, but perhaps it is necessary to split the course (the last part) into specializations - someone web, someone data science or airflow

If you are still in doubt whether the training is suitable for you, then watch the video from the course to get acquainted with the format of training, the depth of content and the ease of conveying information:

▶️ Video from the industrial development course in Python (9 min)

Just in case:

✍️ other reviews of past launches 1, 2, 3

🗓 training calendar, course information and recording

We share it with friends and colleagues, sign up for the course and, of course, like it. We will be grateful for your support!

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Нравится, что материал не только доступен, но и пригоден для практического применения. Такие курсы действительно могут дать солидные навыки в различных областях разработки.