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International Women's holiday and a tender soul that inspired me to the IT field

In general, whether in our country or in many countries of the world, there are relatively few fragile people in the IT field than men. There are many factors that affect this thing in social, gender terms. However, there are also brave girls from our country who are unique, unique, work in global IT companies and break many stereotypes.

One of the Kazakh girls who personally became interested and inspired me in the IT field is Arai Sabyrzhan. He currently works at Google as a Software Engineer. He reached this position thanks to his perseverance, hard work and, according to him, the moral support he received from his loved ones.

A few days ago, I watched Arai Sabyrzhan's interview on the Narikbi Live YouTube channel. He really touched upon the problems of society, which are hard for Kazakh girls. To be honest, it has also happened to me to receive praise from parents, with whom many Kazakh girls face after growing up in a real Kazakh family with many children, to put aside your desires and instincts under the influence of the views of adults and live with the conclusion that their positions are correct. In this context, it warmed my heart that ARAI Sabyrzhan beautifully described my inner feelings in concrete words and supported the girls. The thoughts of Arai Sabyrzhan, who inspired me in the IT field on this issue, were very interesting to me and somewhat expanded my horizons of knowledge. 

Before receiving an invitation to work at Google, Arai Sabyrzhan did not succumb to many difficulties and rose on his own. Having passed a lot of work experience in Silicon Valley, he is developing his professionalism. During the meeting with the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2022, Arai Sabyrzhan touched upon many issues, touched upon the concept of Women in Tech in our country, and emphasized the need for special support for women in the IT field. 

I am currently undergoing the Teach Girl training program offered by Astana hub. I really like classes and tasks, and they are very interesting. In the head there were throwback thoughts" how much I need this." But, at that moment in my heart, the answer to these questions was found. After all, it is a great pleasure for me to work in the field of IT and contribute to the development of our country in this area! 

In this context, I think it is very important to help girls who cannot find their way to their favorite business today. The main thing is that success is not tied to gender issues, Arai Sabyrzhan is one of the most tender, but brave girls who demonstrate to society as much as they can. When the human being tries, has equal opportunities, it is the first important step towards his success.

On the occasion of International Women's day, I always want to take advantage of this moment to thank the fragile people for their perseverance, for the love they show to the unconditional world. In fact, it is clear that our dear mothers, sisters, girlfriends are the cause, the key, the essence of Happy Days in this world!

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