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Mobile advertising in the field of tourism: how Air Astana attracted targeted traffic to the site through mobile apps

The tourism and airline segment requires a special approach to promotion, where it is important not only to inform, but also to create emotional attachment to the brand.

In this context, image advertising, especially in the mobile segment, becomes a key tool. The Air Astana brand did exactly that, turning to the BYYD platform.

In this case, we will look at what strategies and tools were used, as well as what results were achieved during the advertising campaign.


  • Promotion of youth fares to London
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Attracting targeted traffic to the site


  • Rich Media
  • Targeting by user interests
  • Google Analytics
  • Optimization by site

Geo: Almaty, Astana, Aktau, Atyrau, Uralsk

Using a careful targeting strategy made it possible to effectively attract the target audience within the framework of this advertising campaign.

We focused on users interested in various aspects of recreation and travel, such as recreation and entertainment, maps and routes, tourism, travel in Europe, as well as business and cultural recreation.

A Rich Media banner has been developed to promote the brand in mobile applications. This format attracts and retains the attention of users in the best way. The banner invited the audience to familiarize themselves with the Air Astana offer and go to the website.

The campaign was optimized using data from the BYYD platform in combination with information from Google Analytics. This made it possible to identify the most effective traffic sources with high interaction rates.

The measures and tools used have significantly exceeded the expected indicators. Behavioral analysis showed that users spent an average time on the site of about 1 minute and 46 seconds, and the bounce rate was 26.64%.

These indicators indicate the high efficiency and success of the advertising campaign.

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