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❤️‍🔥 My hobby is to assemble cool teams

❤️‍🔥 My hobby is to assemble cool teams

I present to you the star cast for the best ML course. If you write the regalia of each person, then the possibilities of one telegram message will definitely not be enough, so briefly:

🇷🇺 Alexander Klimov, ML Engineer at eBay

🇰🇿 Alexey Dral, CEO at BigData Team

🇷🇺 Dmitry Ignatov, Head of MMCP Science Lab at HSE

🇩🇪 Ilya Boytsov, Deep Learning Lead at Wayfair

🇩🇪 Ilya Senatorov, PhD at University of Saarland

🇪🇸 Kirill Vlasov, Team Lead at Catboost

🇬🇧 Emeli Dral, CTO at Evidently.AI

Who better to tell about quality metrics and their relationship to business. Who better to tell Cyril how best to stack and drain boosters. Who better than Ilya B and Ilya C to immerse themselves in the world of scientific and practical NN? Who better than Dima to tell complex mathematics without jambs and with clear examples? And yours truly (Alexey) and Sasha will teach the best practices (of anything)-ops (including MLOps) and conduct a review on Big Data.

🫶 to rummage around

👉 sign up before 25.03

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