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My training in the Tech Orda program

In October, she won a grant under the Tech Orda program from Astana Hub, the course "Web developer from zero to pro". There are several reasons: I want to change my field of activity, I want to work for myself, I want to work remotely, I want to keep up with the times. The training lasts 10 months and we will take the term papers in stages. It's been a month, I already know how to do something

to pass the first term paper, I need a real company that needs to make or update a website, a business card website (you can have a multi-page website). If you like the site, then you can pay any amount you see fit.

for an application, please write to me in the bos or leave a request here l You can see examples of my educational work here

:Лучше watch on the big screen, as in the mobile version there is a simplified version

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