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Mozilla Previews Firefox: New Features and Improvements

Mozilla, the organization behind one of the most popular web browsers in the world, introduced the preliminary Firefox 123 binaries a day before the official release of the update. These builds are available for Windows, Linux , and macOS platforms, and include several significant improvements and new features.

One of the key updates in Firefox 123 concerns the web page translation feature. Now the browser is able to translate not only the main text of the page, but also the text contained in forms and pop-ups. This significantly expands the translation capabilities for users working with multilingual content.

Another significant change is the transfer of the address bar settings to the search management section. This will allow users to more flexibly customize the behavior of the address bar and manage their search engine preferences.

Among other updates in Firefox 123, it is worth noting the ability to save the body of the network monitoring response to disk not only as an image, but also the addition of support for linear RGB interpolation for SVG gradients. In addition, the new version of the browser includes support for declarative Shadow DOM and added functions Quick Actions and Cookie Banner Blocker, which will make using the browser more convenient and secure for users.

However, perhaps the most important innovation in Firefox 123 was the Mozilla Monitor feature. This tool allows users to receive notifications in case of leakage of their personal data.

Although the official release of Firefox 123 was scheduled for February 20, 2024, Mozilla already provided access to the update on the portal on February 19 . This allows users to access new features and improvements a little earlier and start using them immediately after the release.

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