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‘Tinder for athletes’ MVP in less than a year

The customer enjoys sports and wants to make it easier for others to find like-minded people and motivation for doing sports.

Task: to develop an MVP for an app that would help find people to do sports together.

What we did:

• ‘Looking for events’ status

Other than creating or joining an event, users can also select a sport and state that they are ready to do it. This will make them displayed on the map for all users, who will then be able to invite them to events.

• Integration with maps

In the online mode, the app fetches necessary information about sports venues: working hours, types of sports available, and cost (if indicated). The cost is automatically recalculated based on the number of event participants.

• Custom events

The users can select a sport from the existing list or specify their own. The location does not have to be a sport venue either. For example, you can create a ‘Jogging’ event at the waterfront.

→ Read the full version on our website. 

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