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News: Kitepower Hawk Autonomous System generates energy using a giant kite

🌬️ Innovative wind energy technology!

Engineers from Delft Technical University in the Netherlands presented Kitepower Hawk, an innovative wind energy storage system. This compact and highly efficient solution is ideal for small communities and rural areas.

Kitepower Hawk includes a wind subsystem in the form of a “kite” and a number of lithium-ion batteries, providing a mobile energy source replacing diesel generators.

Its batteries charge in 10 hours and have a peak power of 330 kW, providing a minimum electrical energy output of 40 kW. In addition, the system operates cyclically, generating energy 80% of the time.

💡 “The ease of installation and the possibility of round-the-clock operation make this system an ideal choice,” said Johannes Peschel, director of Kitepower.

This innovative system is already available for pre-order, although prices and delivery schedules have not yet been announced.

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