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Starting the path to IT with students of SDU IT PARK

Over the past two months, SDU IT Park has provided an exciting educational experience in two courses: NLP and Data Science. Let's explore what we have learned during this period.At the beginning of our educational journey, we immersed ourselves in the world of Python. Initially, we learned the basics, including the JupyterNB installation and the basic syntax elements that serve as our entrance into the fascinating world of programming.Subsequently, we delved into the study of data structures. Lists, tuples, dictionaries, sets and frozen sets have become our reliable companions. The students understood how they functioned and the correct methods of using them.Their cognitive abilities were realized when creating functions, which allowed them to organize the code and use it repeatedly - akin to developing their own tools to improve efficiency.Moving forward, SDU IT PARK students immersed themselves in data processing, understanding how to combine, aggregate and purify data. Therefore, they can systematically organize information, preparing it for subsequent analysis.SDU IT PARK students have gained experience working in libraries that have become our reliable allies: Numpy, Pandas - expanding their capabilities in data processing and machine learning.These two months were enriched with fresh knowledge, problems and practical skills. Thanks to this holistic approach, SDU IT Park students acquire not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience necessary for a successful career in the field of IT and digital technologies. Our cooperation with Astana Hub plays a key role in supporting and educating young, talented professionals who will shape the future of technological development in Kazakhstan.

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