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Is it necessary to develop software prototyping in medicine, psychology and biology?

It's time to tell the truth, why I started writing here. Although I have been working on mHealh, digital health and software prototyping for only 9 years officially, I have been interested in digitalization of science algorithms and informatization of practice for more than 20 years. Recently, my colleagues (or co-authors), whom I have helped in the last 4 years, including as a sysadmin, asked me to find programmers for them to improve evolutionary prototyping and finishing mobile applications. On Habr, for example, there are dozens of such articles like. If you think that it is worth completing the following prototypes on the market, then write, I will give them contacts and "profit in half" (approximately) with them. I must say right away, I will not get anything financially from this, there will only be satisfaction that the two sides have found each other, as happens in the magazine "Doctor and IT", for example))

Number one. Personal healthy lifestyle program "Balance"

Provides an individual selection of natural and therapeutic nutrition - actual diets with a simultaneous set of physical activity and other ways to influence behavioral and other factors related to personal prevention and lifestyle correction. The program is intended for medical professionals and specialists studying complex technologies for normalizing the weight of Russians and developing recommendations for improving the structure of nutrition, using the concept and scalable methodological materials of the "schools of health for overweight people".

 2. Differential diagnosis, therapy and prevention of headache

It is based on the authors' modified questionnaire for the differential diagnosis of headaches and recommendations compiled according to literary reviews of published and currently used health care methods. This computer program is designed for screening diagnostics of the severity of headache in patients and Internet users for further complex therapy, rehabilitation and prevention. It allows you to individually select the techniques that are most suitable for these symptoms. It can be used both by specialists - neurologists for the purpose of diagnosis and selection of methods for special therapeutic or preventive measures, and by patients.

 3. A program for the prediction and prevention of meteorological and climatic disadaptation in people on short-term trips

It allows you to identify in advance the nature of the annoying effect of the weather on vacationers through the analysis of weather data in the locality of the home region 10 days before the trip and 10 days in the city during the planned vacation. Based on the automatic calculation of the total index of the irritating effect of the weather, the program displays the days of the maximum effect of the weather, identifies the leading meteorological factors. The program, taking into account the identified complaints, weather variability coefficients, the program provides recommendations on the localization of reflexology and the number of procedures. The program is designed for a wide range of users, identifies a risk group that should change the travel period or plan indoor leisure on certain days, or conduct an appropriate number of reflexotherapy procedures to effectively correct meteorological and climatic maladjustment.

 4. A point system for assessing the degree of restrictions in socially significant categories of life activity

It allows to objectify the assessment of the degree of limitations in socially significant categories of life activity by testing through a point system for determining violations of criteria characterizing human life activity. With the help of this program, it is possible to conduct a medical and social examination in order to determine disability, as well as use it to compile a rehabilitation and habilitation program and evaluate the effectiveness of performance during dynamic monitoring, determine the directions of the process and effectiveness. The program can be used in the digitalization of schools to identify the limitations of the life of preschoolers when they enter the first grade or the reasons for the possible failure of older children. The program is intended for rehabilitation doctors, specialists in medical and social expertise, students, postgraduates and practitioners of specialized specialties.

 5. The program of the adapted selection of personalized tactics for the treatment of ulcerative gastroduodenal bleeding

Selects the algorithm of surgical treatment for patients with ulcerative gastroduodenal bleeding (YAGDC), according to the latest national clinical recommendations of the Russian Society of Surgeons and international guidelines. The program allows you to personify and carry out the following tactics: management of patients at the prehospital stage, assessment of the need for gastric probing, diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, management of patients with massive blood loss, drug hemostasis, prediction of recurrence of HCG, management of patients with recurrent bleeding, management of patients with bleeding associated with taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The software is intended for healthcare professionals of specialized specialties, residents and students of medical universities.

6. Mobile application "Treatment of diseases of the stomach and duodenum"

It is intended for patients with chronic pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular the stomach and duodenum. The computer program allows you to individually select the methods of diagnosis, treatment (surgical and conservative), rehabilitation and prevention of these gastroenterological diseases for each user. The questionnaire in the mobile application helps to identify patients with symptoms of digestive diseases early, at the outpatient stage, and accelerates the selection of algorithms for complex therapy (especially gastroduodenal bleeding). The program improves the effectiveness of medical care, allows you to create, save and visually display individually selected options for improving the health of users

7. Program for the use of autoplasm enriched with platelet growth factors in the treatment of gastroduodenal ulcers

Teaches the technique of endoscopic submucosal injections of autoplasm enriched with platelet growth factors in the complex therapy of gastroduodenal ulcers complicated by bleeding, taking into account various factors affecting the process of epithelialization of gastric and duodenal ulcers and the frequency of recurrence of bleeding. The program makes it possible to select and implement an algorithm for surgical care for patients, starting from the patient's blood sampling technique, preparation and periulcerous administration of autoplasm enriched with platelet growth factors, which allows to accelerate the treatment of long-term non-healing gastroduodenal ulcers in comorbid patients and serves as an effective method of preventing recurrence of bleeding. It is intended for healthcare workers of specialized specialties, residents and students of medical universities.

8. A program for performing the author's technique of intra-articular injections

It allows you to individually select the method and technique of the author's optimal local injection therapy of individual joints (knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, elbow, etc.) in diseases of the musculoskeletal, nervous and other body systems. The program selects for the patient such features of intraarticular injections as, for example: required medications (including autoplasm), indications and contraindications, injection points, number of injections, prevention of possible side effects, accelerating the differentiation of existing modern algorithms for complex personalized treatment from the standpoint of national clinical recommendations for various nosologies. The program improves the effectiveness of medical care for Russians and is intended for healthcare professionals of specialized specialties.

9. SANATA is a method of audiovisual psychocorrection

Developed on the basis of an algorithmized manual for specialists (psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists) "SANATA - a method of unconscious audiovisual psychocorrection", reflecting the description of the method, a description of psychotherapeutic mechanisms, instructions with a detailed algorithm for conducting sessions and a description of options for sequences of stages of psychocorrection, using various combinations of 4 programs used in the method and aimed at the implementation of the procedure of unconscious audiovisual psychocorrection. This software is designed to optimize the procedure of audiovisual psychocorrection. The program provides recommendations for specialists (psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists) on the use of semantic apparatus and the construction of psychotherapeutic suggestive formulas during psychotherapy sessions, as well as algorithms and options for the procedures themselves of unconscious audiovisual psychocorrection.

10. Program for the implementation of the algorithm for the procedure of unconscious auditory psychocorrection

It was developed on the basis of a modified test "Algorithm for conducting the procedure of unconscious auditory psychocorrection", reflecting the sequence of actions and manipulations aimed at implementing the procedure of unconscious auditory psychocorrection. The program includes levels, stages and manipulations included in them. The program is designed to optimize the procedure of unconscious auditory psychocorrection. The program presents algorithms for diagnosing mental status, algorithms for semantic analysis, building semantic formulas and creating an auditory psychocorrection program, as well as an algorithm for conducting the actual procedure of unconscious auditory psychocorrection.

11. The scale of assessment of the level of rigidity

It is intended for screening diagnostics of the degree of rigidity as a separate personality trait in users of personal computers and the Internet with medical and psychological problems. It allows you to detect the initial signs of rigidity from the age of 12. It is a modified questionnaire, the answers to which are chosen by the diagnosed person himself. It can be used to identify rigidity for subsequent psychotherapeutic measures.

12. Aggression level assessment test

It is based on a questionnaire adapted by the authors to assess the level of Bass-Darkey aggression, followed by additional self-diagnosis and recommendations for therapy. It is intended for screening diagnostics of the level of aggressiveness in users of personal computers and Internet users with medical and psychological problems. It allows you to detect the initial signs of aggression from the age of 12. It can be used to identify depressive and stressful disorders of varying severity and to develop further therapeutic and preventive measures.

13. Anxiety assessment Test

It is based on the Spielberger scale adapted by the authors, followed by additional self-diagnosis and recommendations for therapy. It is intended for screening diagnostics of anxiety levels in Internet users with medical and psychological problems. It allows you to detect the initial signs of anxiety from the age of 12. It can be used to identify anxiety disorders of varying severity and to develop further therapeutic and preventive measures.

14. Individual selection of plants for ecological and medical phytodesign

It is intended for the selection of live health-improving plants for growing indoors or outdoors. The program selects an individually suitable set of plants according to the criteria: the purpose of phytodesign; ecology of a particular place; therapeutic properties of living plants (phytoncidity, ionization, etc.), etc. This program presents innovative algorithms for differentiated selection of plants designed to develop the science and practice of crop production, phytotherapy, design and preventive medicine.

15. Differentiated selection of a prescription for medical and environmental phytodesign

The program is designed for screening diagnostics of the level of immune reactivity of patients and Internet users in order to further aerophytotherapy and/or improve the environmental condition of indoor or outdoor air. The program is based on a questionnaire modified by the authors on the level of infectious morbidity and immunity of the population with further selection of indoor and garden plants with bactericidal properties for use in medical and environmental phytodesign. It allows you to individually select plants that are most suitable for the correction of certain symptoms and syndromes. It can also be used by specialists - phytotherapists or phytodesigners in order to select live plants for special therapeutic or preventive measures.

16. Textbook for doctors "Fundamentals of phytotherapy"

Developed by the authors for the system of higher professional education. It is based on a standard phytotherapy program adapted by the authors. The electronic textbook includes general information on the basics of phytotherapy and pharmacognosy, clinical aspects of phytotherapy for various diseases, control and measuring materials in the form of test control to determine the level of training of specialists, the degree of assimilation of the material, illustrations of medicinal plants. The program is designed to improve the skills of doctors of medical specialties, pediatricians, dentists, doctors of restorative medicine, rehabilitologists. The program can serve as an integral part of electronic educational and methodological complexes created for distance learning, which will allow students of the courses - Internet users to effectively obtain new and optimally improve previously acquired competencies in the field of phytotherapy.

17. The program of optimization and progress of technologies of innovative productivity of individuals and legal entities

It is intended for the development of applied science, invention and patent business in Russia and the world. The program selects various innovations that are individually suitable for an individual and a legal entity: ready-made patents or computer programs for sale; patent search for the creation of new patents; scientific publications; selects a new formula and description of a patent or computer program; training format for the creation of innovative intellectual property. With the help of a cross-platform online designer for interactive selection of teaching techniques, stimulation, creation, registration and sale of patents and programs, it is possible to increase knowledge and skills of inventiveness and programming using methods of psychology and TRIZ, from the age of 16 and the commercial introduction of Russian scientific developments in biology, medicine, education, information technology, etc.

18. SmartMedFitoLabs BioSoftPatent

It helps to conduct online and offline selection of new technologies for the development of invention, innovative infrastructure, business accelerators and technology parks in the field of medicine, biology, ecology, agronomy, landscape architecture and phytodesign. The program contains a methodology for the design and operation of devices, greenhouses, eco-houses for the construction of a complex consisting of eight different modules, based on a year-round IoT greenhouse made of various materials, from minimal to industrial scale, with an adjacent Pharmacy smart Garden, creating and selling with from the positions of prototyping, digitalization of science, medical and environmental phytodesign, breakthrough technologies, intellectual property and highly profitable products, for citizens of Russia and other countries.

19. Feedback: diagnosis, rating, correction

The program based on the computer 2017614931 helps to conduct verified (with video recording) voting via a smartphone or tablet to calculate a more objective rating and evaluate special parameters of outdoor, print, television, radio, Internet advertising, as well as the goods and services themselves to personalize target group, lifetime value and customer purchases in the short and long term the plan. The program uses improved (as "knowhow") methods of medical, social and media psychology, psychiatry, psychodiagnostics, client-centered, cognitive therapy, auto-training, psychohygenics, sanology, human ecology, TRIZ, omni-channel brand health, customer experience marketing, cross-device service blueprint, brand lift at 50 basic levels, Yandex.View, programmatic backstage adverts, addressable, connected and advanced television for individualizing products for the "pain" and goals of buyers. 

20. Selection of methods of medical rehabilitation of psychosomatic disorders in postcovid syndrome

This program is an addition to computer programs No.2017614931 and No. 2019618242 and No. 2021612109, helping, on the basis of current scientific and patent open international English-language information sources, to conduct online and offline personalized selection of methods of medical rehabilitation of psychosomatic disorders (depressive, anxiety, somatoform) in post-COVID syndrome (Post-COVID-19 syndrome, according to ICD-10 - U09.9), in particular: physiotherapy, psychotherapy, physical therapy, Fitwel techniques, balneotherapy, balneology, diet therapy, phytotherapy, vitamin therapy, reflexology, medical phytodesign, telemedicine, digital medical technologies, devices and devices for this. The program allows patients and healthcare professionals to select rehabilitation methods suitable for individual symptoms.

21. Iotmedecohome service for the creation and optimization of wellness, "green" and "smart" (IoT) suburban real estate and eco-development

The computer program is a synergy of the development of author's computers No. 2017614931 and 2019618242 based on modern scientific, patent and practical open sources of information, helping to carry out online and offline selection, taking into account individual priorities, to improve the calculation of financial, time costs, efficiency: place of residence, type of house, land, smart devices, type mortgages, co-borrowers, subsidies, vacancies, wellness devices, "ecological" devices, special plants, neighbors, koliving, realtor, architect, phytodesigner, teacher, psychologist, doctor, trainer, massage therapist, hairdresser, builder, locksmith, etc. The program allows users to design, buy, build and customize residential modules of seven sizes for medical, environmental and other purposes in the field of Life Science.

This is the first third of the programs that were asked to find programmers by colleagues and co-authors, the rest will be made public later. In about a week.

By the way, my passion for creating IT products and coding began in 2001, when I myself, with these very crooked hands, downloaded the Adobe PageMaker program, compiled, made up, corrected links to the Internet in the text, printed my first book (I'm not PR, honestly, it's been everywhere for a long time and it does not make any profit at all, like everything else that I publish here) and then I multiplied it, scattered it and began to distribute it to colleagues and patients to promote holy healing and almighty self-development. Then I began to slowly make all sorts of simple applications, tutorials and websites in JavaScript, and then teach software development to students of medical and psychological specialties.

Well, now we are a startup "Fitwel-Technopark #VOIR", which has been submitted to the HSE accelerator, MTS and 3 other places for investment, etc.). It is like a minitechnopark, eco-working, mobile application and online service for the creation and technology brokerage of programs, registered patents of VOIR members and then ready–made products in the field of Fitwel, including new IoT devices for health, also against COVID-19. Three specialized methods and programs for computers and Big Data with TRIZ techniques are used there to teach students, graduate students, research and teaching staff the basics of invention, registration of intellectual property, as well as their further "commercialization". All this is only in the fields of ecology, medicine, biology, psychology, phytodesign, etc.

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