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What do you need to know to be a programmer?

Probably, everyone who decided to study programming wondered: what do you need to know to be a programmer?

The IT industry is developing rapidly. No one can know everything, because there is too much knowledge, and it is constantly expanding. Each of us is limited by our experience, interests and time. Even the most experienced programmers cannot know all programming languages, frameworks, libraries and technologies. Therefore, it is important not so much to know everything as to be able to search for and use new information.

However, this does not negate the fact that you know and understand the basic principles that underlie the training of any programmer: algorithmization, data structures, architecture of computer systems, logic, mathematics, English. All this helps programmers to switch between different languages and technologies more easily. Yes, you can't know absolutely everything, or even most of it, but you have to know the basic part.

Often, complex tasks arise in the work of a programmer that require non-standard thinking and the search for new solutions. The ability to analyze a task, break it down into smaller components and apply different solutions are skills that are important to develop.

Another important point is the ability to work in a team and communicate with other developers. No wonder many companies look not only at professional (hard skills), but also at communication (soft skills) skills of employees. Teamwork helps to combine the different points of view and experiences of the participants.

It is also important to develop self-education and continuous learning skills in order to keep abreast of the latest developments in the IT field.

As a result, a programmer is not only someone who has deep knowledge in a certain field, but also someone who is ready to constantly learn, adapt and develop.

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