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The ad was rejected. How do I pass moderation in Telegram Ads?

Telegram is very attentive to the privacy and security of its audience, so the Telegram Ads advertising platform has requirements that every advertiser must comply with. Due to the site's policy, it may seem that it is quite difficult to pass moderation, but in fact you only need to carefully study the basic rules and comply with them.

We have collected the basic information, thanks to which you will be able to pass moderation the first time.

There are topics prohibited for advertising in Telegram that cannot be used either in the ad text or on the landing page:

An ad in Telegram is a text of no more than 160 characters. The content of the text should fully correspond to the landing page and the product you are promoting. You can't use it in an ad: 

  • Spelling and punctuation errors 
  • Excessive number of exclamation/question marks and emojis 
  • Capslock, alternating uppercase and lowercase letters, unreasonable characters between letters to attract attention: "Subscribe. We have a lot of information!!!"
  • The appeal to "you" and the imperative mood "Subscribe", "look".
  • Exaggeration and superlatives "The Best Channel"
  • Highlighting a part of the "girls only" audience

This is what an ad looks like that will definitely pass moderation:

The texts on the landing page have the same requirements as the text in the ad: there are no errors and a large number of characters, capslocks. 

Telegram channel

  • Open and publicly accessible
  • The information in the channel and in its description corresponds to the information in the ad 
  • The channel posts on a regular basis 
  • The channel does not promote or use information prohibited by Telegram Ads, and does not post questionable or misleading content  


The requirements for the chatbot and its description largely coincide with the requirements for the telegram channel. In addition to those listed above, it must comply with the following: 

  • The bot is functional: it reacts correctly to commands without violating logic
  • The “What this bot can do” field is filled in
  • Does not send intrusive messages after launch

External link

The resource you are leading the audience to:

  • It works without long page loading or errors
  • Does not promote information prohibited by Telegram Ads
  • Matches the ad 

AdHand is a platform for fast and convenient payment for advertising in Telegram. We will help you set up the first campaign so that it passes moderation. And also, we will share useful instructions on working with Telegram Ads, free analytics tools and solve the issue of closing documents. 

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