Cloud Service Provider Servercore Launches Affiliate Program in Kazakhstan

The program offers flexible reward conditions. For a new customer spending up to 2.5 million tenge per month on Servercore services, the affiliate will be awarded 10% of the amount spent monthly. If the service costs surpass this amount, the rewards will rise to 15%. Rewards will be disbursed for as long as the referred members utilize Servercore's services. Affiliates can bring an unlimited number of new customers into the program and earn a reward for each one.


The program encompasses all of the company's available infrastructure and platform services. It is open to both organizations and individuals, with no additional actions required from the affiliate other than referring a new customer—Servercore specialists handle the IT infrastructure setup and maintenance.


The new program will be particularly appealing to digital agencies, software and information system developers, integrators, and other companies and individuals seeking additional income. The funds earned can be used to pay for Servercore services or withdrawn to a personal account.


Sergey Bobko, Business Development Manager at Servercore in Kazakhstan, noted:


"There is an ongoing active digitalization process across various sectors in Kazakhstan. One of the prominent trends is companies' keen interest in cloud services and outsourcing non-core IT infrastructure tasks to specialized providers. In 2023, cloud services expenditures emerged as the fastest-growing category of IT spending in Kazakhstan, representing 8.2% of total IT spending, according to IDC. Clouds offer numerous benefits, including rapid scalability of IT infrastructure and accelerated time-to-market for digital services. Given this context, we anticipate a continued increase in business interest towards cloud solutions in Kazakhstan. Considering the burgeoning cloud market, the Servercore program has the potential to provide our affiliates with a steady income source."


You can find more details about the Servercore affiliate program's terms and sign up here.




About Servercore


Servercore is an international premium IT infrastructure provider with a local presence. Since 2021, the company has been assisting businesses in delivering services to users in countries experiencing significant technological growth, such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kenya.

Servercore supports businesses throughout all stages of servicing infrastructure, from designing IT systems and selecting servers to management, scaling, and reporting. All these services are accessible through a common control panel available at


Servercore is a resident of Astana Hub, an international tech park and the largest innovation hub in Central Asia, and IT Park, created to stimulate interest in information technology in Uzbekistan and support promising startup projects. For more information, visit  


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