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The overall picture of the development of data and AI skills in the Business Intelligence landscape

Datanomix, the most reliable partner of Qlik in Kazakhstan, is in touch. 

Our team took part in Digital Bridge 2023, the largest international digital technology forum in Central Asia, which this year was dedicated to finding the right balance between artificial and human intelligence.

To find out how often Kazakhstani companies analyze data using BI systems and implement Al technologies, our team interviewed participants of Digital Bridge 2023. The final sample included the responses of 104 respondents from 14 industries, including the financial industry, public administration and marketing agencies.

We share brief conclusions: 

1. 87% of respondents believe that they are able to collect, interpret and analyze data. 

2. 56% systematically use data analysis to make decisions. 

3. BI solutions are highly integrated into corporate processes in only 29% of companies.  

4. 12% integrate LLM (ChatGPT type) into some BI processes. 

5. Generative AI is used by 35% in the work. The most popular scenario for its application is automation and code generation. Further down the list is improving user interaction, training and support.  

The results of the survey can be found by clicking on the link

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