Discussion: Transformation of Education into ICT – Challenges, Prospects and the Role of Artificial Intelligence"

 Dear participants of the educational community in the field of ICT!

The introduction of technology is becoming an integral part of modern education, and artificial intelligence (AI) is central to this transformation. Meet a new round of expert review devoted to the impact of AI on educational processes.

One of the key aspects that presents a challenge is the personalization of education. How can AI be used to create curricula tailored to the individual needs of students? What tools and technologies are at the forefront in this direction?

In addition, it is important to discuss the ethical and safety aspects of the use of AI in education. How can we ensure the confidentiality of student data and eliminate possible risks?

It is also necessary to focus on how AI can enrich the exchange of experience between the participants of the program. Can it provide personalized learning recommendations and facilitate effective interaction between students and teachers?

Let's look together at the prospects and challenges facing us in the field of ICT education, and consider how AI can become an integral part of our path to the education of the future.

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