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Qlik training at Datanomix under the Tech Orda 2023 program

 In October, the 2nd stream of students started the course “Application development in Qlik Sense. From collecting requirements to creating dashboards” according to the state program Tech Orda.

Tech Orda is a program to finance IT education in programming schools with the aim of training 20,000 specialists by 2025. 

Within the framework of the Tech Orda program, students who have passed internal selection at the academy, namely 2 stages of the questionnaire, study at the IT school:

Stage 1 - testing to assess the analytical abilities of the candidate

Stage 2 - testing to assess knowledge of the SQL programming language

At the beginning of the training, each student told a little about himself and set goals for the course. 

Elizabeth Kosarevskaya, 20 years old, Pavlodar

“My name is Elizabeth. I study at the university, majoring in geography. I have no experience in the field of analysis or IT, but I have a desire to learn something completely new for myself. After 6 months, I hope to discover a new field for myself and become confident in working with a new tool and able to apply what I have learned in practice, which may be useful in my professional activity in the future, because I do not have confidence that I will connect my life with my specialty.” 

Gadilbekov Alikhan, 25 years old, Astana

“There is no work experience for data analysts, but there is little knowledge in this area. In the MBA master's degree, which I recently graduated from, there was a Data Analytics course, where we studied the Python and R programming languages; and data analysis methods. Unfortunately, I do not use these skills in my field of activity.

I need the skills to work with Qlik Sense and data analytics to advance my career and personal development.

Point A.

I took a master's degree in Data Analysis, have basic knowledge in Python and R, but had no experience using BI systems. Before that, I mainly used Excel for data analysis and visualization.

Point B.

I see myself as a full-fledged confident user of Qlik Sense and other BI systems. Thanks to this, I will develop my career ladder.”

Lyudmila Izotova, 44 years old, Pavlodar

“I am an engineer of the statistics department in the Pavlodar branch of the railway administration. In the past, she was a teacher of computer disciplines at the university, engaged in scientific activities. I am currently using specialized railway software and Excel to process numerical information.

I want to expand my professional horizons. I can do a lot of things in Excel, but not everything. I have always been interested in statistics and I want to put its methods into practice. In general, point A: basic knowledge of statistics, a good understanding of data structures and general knowledge of methods of their representation and processing, practical programming skills (a little forgotten). 

Point B: advanced knowledge of static methods used for data processing; solid ability to work in Qlik Sense.”

Students with different levels of training, from different professions and cities study in the stream, but together they were united by studying at an IT school and the desire to gain new knowledge and skills! 

In 2 months of study at the Basic level, students have learned:

- Upload large flat tables to Qlik Sense;

- Correctly link this data in a single Qlik Sense application using the Data Manager;

- Competently visualize this data in analytical applications, correctly using the entire arsenal of Qlik Sense charts and graphs;

- We created our first dashboards and applications in Qlik Sense.

Students successfully complete the course, complete practical homework, submit exam papers for verification and receive their first certificates.  The guys help each other in the training chats and solve emerging issues together.

The curators awarded the best exam papers of the following students: Timur Zhantasov, Aslan Kazbek, Aida Bekesheva and Assel Sarsekova. 

Some flow statistics: 80 students, 8 weeks of training, 6 thematic webinars, 7 live broadcasts and 28 consulting sessions. 

In the following weeks of study, many interesting tasks, activities and useful meetings with Qlik Sense experts are planned for students.

The course will last until April 7, 2024. 

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