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Microsoft Office Suite for Apple Vision Pro

Microsoft announced on its blog that the full suite of Microsoft 365 apps will now be available on Apple Vision Pro, with an official release in the App Store.

Apple Vision Pro users will receive a full range of Microsoft 365 applications, including Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Loop. In addition, the company will introduce a new Copilot assistant for visionOS. In a press release, Microsoft shared screenshots of the apps and described the unique features specifically designed for Vision Pro.

Using PowerPoint, users will be able to create presentations, just like in the regular version of the editor. An immersive mode will also appear, which will allow you to rehearse performances by seeing slides through the eyes of the audience.

Excel will have an infinite canvas feature that allows users to place tables, charts and graphs in any convenient place. In addition, these items can be dragged to other applications for sharing or additional editing.

The Word text editor will be especially effective when using the focus and immersive environment functions. This will allow users to fully immerse themselves in their work, minimizing distracting elements.

Artificial intelligence in the form of Copilot assistant will also be available in some applications of the Microsoft 365 package. It will be possible to generate summaries of online meetings, create emails, analyze data in tables, and generate text in Word and PowerPoint.

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Спасибо за интересную информацию! А майкрософт в МетаКвест также уже зашла? вообще про презентации это просто огонь.


Выглядит предельно вкусно. Я не знаю, как это будет ощущаться в реальной работе — но... я обязательно попробую )))