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The winners of the startup financing competition – Seed Money 4.1 have been determined

The selection of projects within the framework of the startup financing program from Astana Hub – Seed money 4.1 has been completed.

Projects that have been approved for financing: 

  1. The Abyss Break is a modern FPS, Horror, Loot video game;
  2. AblayKIT is a data encryption device supported by a USB token;
  3. Set 24 - cloud infrastructure for smart micromarkets;
  4. Q-SEND is a blockchain–based money transfer platform;
  5. Foody is a solution for calorie tracking and nutrition optimization based on computer vision;
  6. - service for the placement and search of rental housing;
  7. RAGify is a solution based on the process of optimizing the output of a large language model;
  8. Posture Fitness is a computer vision–based posture correction application;
  9. Dungeons and Dangers is a PvE, RPG game.

According to the conditions, startups had to go through 2 stages of selection: 

  1. Consideration of applications for compliance with the requirements of the program. 
  2. Presentation of projects to the members of the independent commission. 

Independent commissions on each of the priority areas heard presentations and made their assessments. In total, 50 projects out of 107 submitted applications were allowed to be heard before the commission. 

The criteria for evaluating projects are: 

  • The competence of the team; 
  • Scalability of the business model;
  • The manufacturability of the product ; 
  • Progress (Achieved results). 

The maximum score for each criterion was 10 (ten) points, and the total maximum score of the project was 40 (forty) points. 

At the same time, the passing score was at least 25 (twenty-five) points. 

Congratulations to the startups that have been selected and wish them the realization of all their goals! 

The final results are presented below.

Project nameFinal average scoreApproved amount of financing
1The Abyss Break 3310 000 000
2AblayKIT32,710 000 000
3Set 24319 954 000
4Q-SEND 2610 000 000
5Foody 2610 000 000 25,710 000 000
7RAGify 2510 000 000
8Posture Fitness 259 995 000
9Dungeons and Dangers2510 000 000
10Mergeria 24,7-
13AULA 24-
14Untold Tales23,3-
18Ai Padavan 21,7-
22TenderTech 20-
23Ostturm 19,7-
24Dream Defenders 19,7-
25Ligeia (Ligeia) 19,7-
26Dosym AI 19,3-
28O.R.I.S. 19-
29Sazalem 18,7-
31ChatMaster 18,3-
33BG Web 18-
34AI Exercise Maker 18-
35Power Hub 18-
36Qauym 18-
37JIDEK 17,7-
39EZapp 17,7-
40Monitoring the quality of mobile communications16,7-
41"Elim Taxi" 15,7-
42i-Cons 15,3-
44Jastar Life13,3-
45Center for Neural Networks 11,3-
46MyDataCoin 10,7-
47eDiplomas 10-
48Jungle: 1998 --
49Örken AI --

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